Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stuck on Hue Studio - Tour and Sources

Thanks for your encouragement during the One Room Challenge, and all the positive feedback about the reveal. I'm still pinching myself that I have a gorgeous space to work in every day! Clearly I should have done this sooner, but I really needed the ORC to kick me into high gear.

Since I focused on the ORC for a few days straight, I have a ton of pillow orders on my plate right now, so I haven't had a chance to re-shoot the space yet (in better lighting). But thankfully now that I have recovered from the ORC-induced stress and sleep deprivation, my brain is working again -- enough to walk you though the details of the room, including sources. Let's start at the left just as you walk in the door, and make our way around.

I heart my juju hat. My local relatives who have seen the room in person are perplexed by it. I promise them that jujus are a hot trend in home decor. They just nod and move on. Whatever. My feathery friend came all the way from Australia, via Etsy shop Tribal at Home.

The 36x48-inch pink (!) cutting mat is generously sized, and I love it. Just a few months ago I was cutting everything with scissors but now I swear by rotary cutters, and a big cutting mat is necessary. Bonus -- it's reversible, with blue on back. On my purchase list is an even bigger one (40x60-inch), which will span all the way across my giant cutting table down the hall, so that I don't have to keep moving this one back and forth.

Like the pillows on the table? They are Gold Metallic Faux Snakeskin and Indigo Puddle from my Etsy shop.

This is not a great photo, but it shows my two Kristi Kohut (Hapi Art) prints together. The one on the left is called Blue Fusion Agate, and the one on the right is Hard Rock Agate. I'm so glad I ended up choosing these two different, but complementary, prints for my wall art. I had some other less expensive and definitely less impactful options that I considered in week 3 of the ORC, but these were really what I wanted, and you encouraged me to go for it!

Unfortunately my awesome-yet-inexpensive framer had retired, so I spent an arm and a leg getting these puppies framed at a different local shop. I needed non-glare glass, too, which added to the expense. Ugh, but I know I wouldn't have been happy with an off-the-shelf solution.

Decorators tip: If you purchase art that you love and want to keep around long-term, don't be afraid to pay for custom framing. It can help your art make a much bigger impact in your space!

In between my framed art is my TV. I love being able to watch while working! Sometimes I'm actually paying attention to a show, and other times it's just white noise. Gotta have my "Hart to Hart" and "Murder She Wrote" in the afternoons, though! If I'm concentrating on a show, I put on my bluetooth headphones so I can hear it over the sound of the sewing machine.

My awesome work tables are actually dining tables. To me, form is as important as function, so I couldn't go with a utilitarian sewing table. Instead, I searched and searched until I found something that met my needs -- long and wide work surface, sturdy, and nice to look at. Enter the Alexa Dining Table from Pangea Home. I bought the first one from All Modern, and the second from One Kings Lane a few months later when I needed additional space to spread out.

This corner is where I spend most of my time, with my trusty Bernina 930 Record sewing machine. I took a chance and bought it on Ebay a few months after I started my shop, and it was my wisest purchase. She's not much to look at, but she's a powerhouse. This model was top-of-the-line from the renowned Bernina brand back in the 1980s, and it's still sought after today. My machine repairman said it's the most powerful outside an industrial model (which would be too noisy for me).

On the wall is my 120 spool thread rack. I removed the legs and mounted it with screws, which is much better than it taking up space on a table. It comes in unfinished wood, and I spray painted it gold to blend in better with the room.

I used to keep my bobbins in a boring acrylic case, but spotted this jewelry tray at Target and knew it was just what I needed to elevate the mundane to the pretty. Precious, no?

The navy blue tufted chair with nailheads is from Home Decorators. I added casters to the legs, which served two purposes. It raises me up a little higher at the table, and it allows somewhat for rolling on the carpet. I really need a chair mat for optimal rolling, but they are so utilitarian that I'm putting it off.

The pillow I borrowed from my living room because the hot pink color works so well in the studio. (The size is a bit much for the chair, though!) The fabric is La Fiorentina in the Wine/Magenta colorway. I no longer carry it in my shop because I've had such problems with bad slubs in the fabric that I gave up on it. It pains me, because I love the pattern and color. I do offer pillow covers in the Domino (black/white) colorway if you're interested!

The photo above shows everyone's two favorite elements of the room -- the chandelier and the curtains. Both strained me mentally, and the chandelier/medallion installation was not great for my marriage, but all is forgotten now.  I made the relaxed roman shades out of one of my favorite fabrics -- Pandora Peony by Designers Guild -- and added pink brush fringe trim at the bottom. Don't you just love all the colors in the fabric?!

Decorators tip: If you're inexperienced, choose a somewhat stiff fabric for your first attempt at a large sewing project like curtains or a table skirt. Fabrics that are lightweight and/or with stretch, like many pure linens, tend to shift A LOT while you're measuring, pinning, and sewing. At the pillow cover size, it's manageable, but the larger your piece of fabric, the harder it is to control and keep straight seams.

Oh, and I'm pleased that I went with roman shades this time instead of curtain panels like I had before. The shades, being inset within the window frames, let the beautifully simple window trim (which I love) shine. And since the walls are slanted, trying to fit in curtain panels on the slanted wall was just too crowded. The shades keep things nice and airy on that end of the room.

The chandelier ... oh, the chandelier. I'm super happy I decided (again, with your encouragement) to follow my heart and ditch the practical ceiling fan option for a much prettier (and impactful) light fixture. This copper beauty is by Meelano, purchased from All Modern. I love the spindly arms and that the modern shape helps offset the feminine elements in the room. Here's a mystery, though. Why is it called an "11 Light Chandelier" when there are 12 lights? I have counted multiple times. A misnomer, perhaps?

The addition of the ceiling medallion adds presence to the fixture, and I love how the traditional pattern of the medallion plays against the modern light. But sheesh, did that ceiling medallion create a problem. Because the canopy (the very top part) of the light fixture has to be set on top of the medallion, the canopy hangs further down from the ceiling than the manufacturer planned for. Therefore the provided screws that attach the canopy to the ceiling (and hold all the weight of the fixture) were not long enough. Luckily my husband (who is not a DIY fan) helped me with this project, but it just about broke us that night. Long story short, it's attached and secure, and all is well now, but it was a major PITA. This was no fault of the light fixture, by the way -- it would have been super easy to install had we mounted it straight to the ceiling. I should go back and caulk and paint the medallion/ceiling seam at some point, but I didn't have the time or energy during the ORC.

This corner of the room functions as my shipping station. Before the ORC, the printer sat on the far left side of the dresser, taking up valuable tabletop space. I realized I had just enough room to squeeze in a small table to the left of the dresser, with the printer on top. I then shifted my printing laptop and postage scale to the left, leaving more open room on the dresser top.

The crazy lamp is vintage, which I have been hoarding for a few years until I found just the right use for it. The shade is new from Target. I was crushing on this real marble clock at Design Within Reach, but $216 is over my wall clock budget. <ahem> I discovered this one from Society 6, which is a budget-friendly (and still lovely) alternative. (Which I realize you can't really see in the photo.)

The base of the shipping station is my beloved vintage mid-century modern dresser. It has the most gloriously spacious and numerous drawers. They hold everything from zippers to office supplies to shipping materials.

This is the admin corner at Stuck on Hue headquarters. My paper files are neatly organized in the wall pockets (formerly black, now gold). I sit at this table to answer customer inquiries, send order confirmations, edit photos, add/edit product listings, purchase fabric and supplies, and lots more.

Previously I used a turquiose rectangular writing desk here, but needed to swap out some angular lines for some round ones in the room, so I pulled a vintage round wood table out of storage. It's not much to look at on its own, and since I needed more softness in the room, I sewed a custom white linen table skirt to cover it. On photo shoot day, I was really wishing I had not gotten rid of my steamer a few years ago, but other the wrinkles, I love the kick pleats, navy cording, and pink brush fringe that matches the trim on the curtains.

Did you notice the pinboard on the wall? Currently it's showing off some of my favorite Stuck on Hue fabrics. Unfortunately it didn't arrive until 2:30pm on the last day of the ORC. I had already put off my photo shoot until the last day because I was up all the night before just to complete projects. I get the best light around midday, so the pinboard's late arrival meant I had to deal with harsher light in the room, but you do what you gotta do. Nevertheless, don't you just love the scalloped corners of the gold frame? The pinboard was made by Pavona Interiors, which recently moved from Etsy over to the new Amazon Handmade selling platform.

And even though it's a well-known fabric, I had to add a leopard velvet pillow to the chair in this corner. The leopard's sassiness is another element that helps cut some of the sweetness in the room. Did you notice that I made myself a leopard velvet pincushion, too? (See below.) No rotten tomato around here!

I almost forgot to mention the paint color! Blue is my favorite color, but the icy blue that was in this room before just looked dreary, especially with all the scuffs on the walls from when the room was my son's bedroom. I've been crushing on blush pink for a while now, and it certainly fits in with my desire to create a feminine space. Light pinks are tricky, though, because I didn't want the paint color to look too "baby," and I didn't want the pink to be too strong. I originally was thinking of a more peachy blush pink, but since cool colors are my thing, I went with a pink that has a blue undertone. Pink Prism by Behr is the color, and I'm very happy with the end result.

Now I'm energized to change up all the other rooms in my house! They have already been decorated, but I bore of things after a while. You know the feeling, right? I've been itching for changes in my bedroom for at least a year now, but have been stalled at good-looking and cat-friendly bedding. We'll see if I get anything accomplished before the spring One Room Challenge comes around!


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 - THE REVEAL

For better or worse, reveal day is here for the fall 2015 One Room Challenge! I, along with 196 other bloggers, took on the challenge from Linda at Calling it Home to make over a room in six weeks. Seems easy enough, but layer in long work days for me, and time goes by rather quickly.

But ... even as I nod off trying to write this post after staying up all night to finish my room ... I am reminded that the reason I jumped in on the challenge was to give myself a kick in the pants to update my studio from a drab former teen boy bedroom to a place I enjoy working every day. To say that I spend a LOT of time in the studio is an understatement -- just ask my neglected husband. {For those who don't know me, I'm the solopreneur behind the shop Stuck on Hue, where I make and sell lovely designer throw pillows to help inject your spaces with color and pattern.}

My studio is in the upstairs of our home, which makes for very easy commutes. (The only traffic is lazy kitties napping on the stairs!) Over the years since we built our house, this room has evolved from a home office to a video gaming room to a teen boy bedroom, and now to my studio, where I sew and handle all the admin tasks for my business. (I have taken over two other rooms down the hall for cutting fabric and storing fabric and supplies.)

Here's where it started at the beginning of the ORC. Drab blue walls, too many angular elements, one curtain panel missing because rod came unattached from wall. Not a horrible space by any means, but certainly not inspiring.

Throughout the rest of our house, my husband has veto power on decor. Since I'm the #girlboss in my studio, all decisions were mine alone, so my goal was to create a feminine space with an edge. In the process, I wanted to soften all those hard lines by bringing in more curves and soft goods. I already had the two X-lege work tables and the mid-century modern dresser (which stores a TON of supplies). Most of the other elements are new, with a few existing accessories transformed by the magic of spray paint.  I am pleased to finally share the reimagined space with you!

Due to the very late arrival of one of the major components of the room, I had to delay my photoshoot to the afternoon today, rather than the morning, so I hope to reshoot some of the angles in the next couple days when the natural light is less harsh.

{Edit: My next post details each of the elements in the room and provides sources.}

Congrats to all my fellow ORC participants ... we made it! (Well, most of us!) And now I must sleep.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 - Week 5

Quick recap: This is my first foray into the One Room Challenge organized by Linda of Calling it Home. Participants have six weeks to make over a room, and we share our progress (or lack thereof) once a week. My goal is to take my work studio from former-boy-bedroom-drab to sophisticated-feminine-fab, while balancing a 7-day-a-week, 13-hours-a-day job. Oh, yeah, and I started basically a week late. Bad idea? Maybe.

Okay, folks, I'm legit freaking out here. Some of the ORC posts from yesterday made me laugh/cry when I read things like, "Oh my gosh, I only have three days before my photo shoot to style the room! I hope I can pull it off!" Hmm ... what's the ORC equivalent of the "first world problems" phrase? Ha!

My mom comes over one day every 2-3 weeks to help me cut fabric for my business. During her last visit, I told her about my plans for the room. When she arrived Tuesday morning, she said, "Oh, show me how your room is coming along!" I grimaced. Um ... nothing to see here, folks ... literally. Want to look at my mood board, mom? 'Cause that's all I've got to show you.


The good news: Online and in-person shopping is complete. I have almost everything I need in hand (can you say juju?), with a couple exceptions that I am not stressed about because I know they are on the way.

The bad news: I have done almost nothing with all of that stuff. Wait, I take that back. I did transfer my paper files from boring manila folders to awesome metallic-patterned file folders. Whew, I can check that arduous task off my list!

But seriously, I have been working non-stop to help make my customers' lives pretty which means I've had no time to pretty my own space. I know many of you can relate! I had to extend the lead time on my orders just to carve out some time for myself, which I haven't caught up to yet, but I'm hoping will manifest itself in the next few days. Otherwise this ORC is toast.

The good news: My two big-impact art prints did arrive last week, after much fretting.

The bad news: The order I placed for some off-the-shelf frames for them apparently fell into a black hole in the interwebs and never actually went through, so I had to go back to my original plan of getting them custom framed.

The worse news: My go-to framer, who was technically retired but still worked out of his basement, is now fully retired. He referred me to an actual company that has actual overhead, which means this frame job is breaking the bank. Like over 2x what my old framing dude would have charged for the same thing. Ouch.


Same as last week -- DO ALL THE THINGS. Only this time I have 7 days remaining to get it all done!

  • Empty room, patch holes in walls, paint walls and ceiling
  • Sew two roman shades
  • Sew table skirt with kick pleats
  • Remove existing ceiling fan
  • Install ceiling medallion (just added this to my plan last week) and light fixture
  • Sew some pillowcovers (or steal some from my stash)
  • Transform a bunch of existing accessories via spray paint, craftiness, and sorcery
  • Hang everything on the walls
  • Hide media wires
  • Clean and style the space
  • Photo shoot & editing

I'll be spending some quality time with these items (and a whole lot more) in the next few days!


P.S. Sorry for the sad photos. Wish I had more to show you this week. I just hope I have a pulled-together room to show you next week! Eek!
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