Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 - Week 5

Quick recap: This is my first foray into the One Room Challenge organized by Linda of Calling it Home. Participants have six weeks to make over a room, and we share our progress (or lack thereof) once a week. My goal is to take my work studio from former-boy-bedroom-drab to sophisticated-feminine-fab, while balancing a 7-day-a-week, 13-hours-a-day job. Oh, yeah, and I started basically a week late. Bad idea? Maybe.

Okay, folks, I'm legit freaking out here. Some of the ORC posts from yesterday made me laugh/cry when I read things like, "Oh my gosh, I only have three days before my photo shoot to style the room! I hope I can pull it off!" Hmm ... what's the ORC equivalent of the "first world problems" phrase? Ha!

My mom comes over one day every 2-3 weeks to help me cut fabric for my business. During her last visit, I told her about my plans for the room. When she arrived Tuesday morning, she said, "Oh, show me how your room is coming along!" I grimaced. Um ... nothing to see here, folks ... literally. Want to look at my mood board, mom? 'Cause that's all I've got to show you.


The good news: Online and in-person shopping is complete. I have almost everything I need in hand (can you say juju?), with a couple exceptions that I am not stressed about because I know they are on the way.

The bad news: I have done almost nothing with all of that stuff. Wait, I take that back. I did transfer my paper files from boring manila folders to awesome metallic-patterned file folders. Whew, I can check that arduous task off my list!

But seriously, I have been working non-stop to help make my customers' lives pretty which means I've had no time to pretty my own space. I know many of you can relate! I had to extend the lead time on my orders just to carve out some time for myself, which I haven't caught up to yet, but I'm hoping will manifest itself in the next few days. Otherwise this ORC is toast.

The good news: My two big-impact art prints did arrive last week, after much fretting.

The bad news: The order I placed for some off-the-shelf frames for them apparently fell into a black hole in the interwebs and never actually went through, so I had to go back to my original plan of getting them custom framed.

The worse news: My go-to framer, who was technically retired but still worked out of his basement, is now fully retired. He referred me to an actual company that has actual overhead, which means this frame job is breaking the bank. Like over 2x what my old framing dude would have charged for the same thing. Ouch.


Same as last week -- DO ALL THE THINGS. Only this time I have 7 days remaining to get it all done!

  • Empty room, patch holes in walls, paint walls and ceiling
  • Sew two roman shades
  • Sew table skirt with kick pleats
  • Remove existing ceiling fan
  • Install ceiling medallion (just added this to my plan last week) and light fixture
  • Sew some pillowcovers (or steal some from my stash)
  • Transform a bunch of existing accessories via spray paint, craftiness, and sorcery
  • Hang everything on the walls
  • Hide media wires
  • Clean and style the space
  • Photo shoot & editing

I'll be spending some quality time with these items (and a whole lot more) in the next few days!


P.S. Sorry for the sad photos. Wish I had more to show you this week. I just hope I have a pulled-together room to show you next week! Eek!

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  1. Pretty file folders! I have a slight addiction to pretty office supplies so that immediately drew my attention. :) Can't wait to see the final reveal on Thursday. We finally made it!


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