Wednesday, October 14, 2015

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 - Weeks 1 & 2

First, for those who didn't see my post last week, I'm currently transitioning from my former blog name/URL I'm Busy Procrastinating, to Stuck on Hue to match my business branding. I hadn't touched my blog in a year and a half, so I still have a lot of updates to make. Baby steps. Now on to a meaty post!

Last Wednesday began the fall 2015 edition of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. In case you're not familiar with the ORC, participating bloggers have six weeks to makeover a space.

All my rooms are in a state of flux, but my studio is on the top of the list and I needed a kick in the pants to keep it moving. When I saw that some of my fave Instagrammers/bloggers were posting about their ORC plans, I decided that day to join in on this go-round, which means that the first two weeks are crunched into one.

While the ORC gives bloggers six weeks to makeover a room, the truth is that many have been planning and sourcing for weeks or months. Me, well, I just started a week ago, so I started off in the hole. Lucky for me I already have the largest pieces in place, and no construction or outside labor is needed, so I'm just adding the pretties!


(Pardon the current mess ... I hadn't yet cleaned up from my work day and was trying to catch the light before sunset.) My studio is in the upstairs of my home, and was originally our office, then my son's game room, then his bedroom, until I kicked him out when my business outgrew our small upstairs guest room. (Don't feel bad for him ... he moved back to his original bedroom ... and now he's in a dorm at college, so technically he now has two bedrooms.) I also took over two other rooms in our upstairs, where I store my fabrics and larger supplies, and where I have my main cutting table, but the studio is the one where I spend 95% of my time.

I love my tables. I purchased one, then needed more surface area, so I purchased another. They weren't cheap, but they are large, pretty and functional.

I had sewn curtain panels a few months ago but as you can see, my sloped ceiling doesn't give a lot of room to hang curtains high and wide. The part that held the curtain up on the left side wasn't secured into the wall properly (my fault), and it fell off, so I took the left-side curtain panel off to take weight off the rod, which is now just sort of resting there. Clearly I need a better window treatment solution. And while I had specifically picked that fabric out for curtains, as soon as they went up, I disliked it. Lucky for me, I can sew and have access to lots of fabrics ... the hard part is narrowing down my choice.

I love the mid-century modern dresser I use as a credenza. It houses my zippers, packaging materials, office supplies, and other miscellany. The top serves as my shipping station.

Ugh, that mini door (see photo above). It leads out to the attic space above the garage, which we don't even use. I despise its existence and that it takes away valuable wall space.

The turquoise desk used to be my bedroom nightstand, but I pilfered it for the studio because I needed a spot where I could leave my laptop accessible all the time, without taking up a lot of floor space. In the opposite corner, the ironing board is essential, but it's not pretty.


  1. Curves and softness to offset the hard lines
  2. Additional light in the middle of the room
  3. More pretty to balance the functional


The icy blue wall color, which is original to the house, will be painted a shade of blush. I'm wavering between a peachier shade and a pinkier shade. The current color is very depressing to me.

I'm about 85% sure I'll be using Designers Guild Pandora Peony fabric for the window treatments. It incorporates all my colors, which include blush, navy, turquoise, and white.

I'd like to bring in some marble (which I'm obsessed with) and gold/brass into the space via wall decor and lighting. Unfortunately my sloped walls are limiting so I'm still working out what decorative elements to use on the walls.


This week my biggest design struggle is lighting. I have a pot light in each corner of the room, but desperately need more light in the center, above my work table. Before deciding to participate in the ORC, I was going to just add a light kit to the existing fan. It's the least expensive option, and I do use the fan frequently. Not only am I in the upstairs where the heat rises, but the sun comes in my studio in the afternoon, which heats up the room too much in the summer. The existing fan isn't disgusting, but it certainly isn't pretty. I could switch it out for a new fan with a light, something like this:

It's fine, but I'm not jumping up and down about it.

One of my regrets when we built this house is not planning for ceiling fixtures in our rooms. Our dining room and living room, for instance, only have perimeter pot lights -- nowhere to install a pretty light fixture in the center of the room. I've been so desperate for pretty lighting that I might suffer through not having a ceiling fan in order to install a pretty light fixture in the studio. Here are some options I'm considering.

As you can see, I'm struggling between a gold and glass "Dynasty" look, and a modern or mid-century look. Remember how I said I wanted to balance some of the hard lines with some softness and curves? I have few opportunities to do that in the studio, so I feel like I need to use a curvy light fixture, but I'm drawn to the spindly-armed ones. What would you do? Any other suggestions? I need to get one ordered ASAP. Help!



  1. Hi there! I can't wait to see how you set up your studio! I have an etsy business too and work with large pieces of fabric for blankets.
    Looking forward to next 4 weeks of updates :)

  2. Oooh I can't wait to see how this progresses! I know you've been talking about blush pink for a while and the moodboard looks insanely pretty ;) I can't blame you for wanting to go with aesthetics over practicality but perhaps you could still get the fan but add some pretty sconces somewhere? I know, not as good, right? lol I'm sure you'll figure it out!! Good luck xxx


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