Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Formerly "Procrastinating" ... now "Stuck on Hue"

Once upon a time I wrote a blog about home decor and DIY called "I'm Busy Procrastinating." It was a catchy title and honestly did capture my life at the time. I wanted to get things done in my home, but often analysis paralysis kept me from moving forward, or I wasn't  motivated to physically do the work or spend the money.

Then I got a wild hair and started my own business, called Stuck on Hue, helping you add color and pattern in your space in the form of designer throw pillows. It took off, and suddenly instead of procrastinating about getting things done, I was often working seven days a week plus evenings, and work/life balance was my new challenge. Finally I had found my passion!

That left little to no time for blogging. Plus "I'm Busy Procrastinating" was no longer my personal motto and certainly not what I wanted my current or potential customers to think of how I spend my time while they're waiting for their orders!

I still get traffic to the blog via Pinterest, especially from this post, but otherwise it's been languishing. I've wanted to blog several times over the past year and a half but didn't feel comfortable with the name, so I stopped myself. I can do a lot to promote my business via the blog, plus I've missed having a venue to share inspiration as well as changes I make to my own home. Instagram has taken off since then and it's my favorite social media channel, but it doesn't always fill the void.

So now is the time, and "I'm Busy Procrastinating" will slowly be transitioning to "Stuck on Hue." I'm doing all the techy and design work on my own for now, starting with the new header I added today. I'll be working on fonts and getting the URL pointed to instead of hopefully before too long. Once the most important elements are transitioned, I'd like to start blogging here again ... at least once in a while! I'll probably hire a pro for both the design and techy stuff and transition to WordPress at some point, but I keep reminding myself that baby steps are better than standing still.


P.S. If anyone is still out there, please let me know!

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  1. Ooooh and she's back!!! I went to Bloglovin' and saw there was a new post but got a 404 error (so that's another job, redirection for you lol) so I went looking for you ;) So nice to hear you are back to blogging and I know you weren't thrilled about the blog name. Think this is a GREAT idea and I'm so proud of you and what you've achieved with your business! xxx


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