Saturday, February 1, 2014

Announcing “Stuck on Hue,” my new Etsy shop

From your perspective, things may have been quiet here at I’m Busy Procrastinating headquarters for a while, but behind-the-scenes, things have been happening. It started out innocent enough. I dusted the cobwebs off my sewing machine to make myself a blue velvet pillow. I figured if I make my own pillows, I can afford to have new pillows more often. If you ask Jason or Zachary, this house is not in need of any more decorative pillows. But you and I know they’re wrong. One can never have enough different choices of decorative pillows at one time. So I made that blue velvet pillow. And it is gorgeous. But I didn’t stop there.

As soon as the one pillow cover was finished, I was ready to make more. A couple relatives on Facebook even suggested I could start selling. Of course, I was already thinking that, but it took a few days for Jason to see the potential.

Meanwhile, in the quest of finding the perfect inspiration fabric for my living room, I found a few that were potentials for my home but I wasn’t sure that any of them were just right. Hmm … wouldn’t it be convenient if I had an excuse to buy fabrics whenever I want, and test them out as pillows in my own home if I so choose? Why yes!

And suddenly a business was born.


I love to research and source things online, so I’ve been busily looking at thousands of fabrics, and choosing which ones to open my shop with. Thankfully Pinterest allows “secret boards” so that I can easily keep track of which fabrics I like, but everyone else doesn’t get inundated with them in their feeds. I am at that excitable stage where I just want to buy EVERYTHING! I’m trying to hold myself back … because it all adds up quickly. But you never know what will resonate with people, so I tried to get a selection of a several different fabrics to begin with.

Jason helped me come up with the shop name and figure out pricing. Once I got all my sample pillow covers made and photographed, Etsy made it easy to get everything set up and open the shop. Stuck on Hue officially debuted a week ago. Below is a screenshot showing a few of the pillow designs currently available.

StuckOnHue on Etsy screenshot

I was making dinner a couple days ago when my smartphone made a cash register sound.  I have some crazy notification sounds on my phone, but that was one I hadn’t heard before. It was my Etsy app notifying me of my first sale! And it was for TWO pillows! Woo-hoo! I may have run around the house announcing it and doing a happy dance. (Be glad you didn’t have to see that.)

Please stop by the shop and have a look around. I can do custom orders anytime, too, if you have a particular fabric in mind. I’m also happy to help people source fabrics if they don’t know what’s out there but can give me some direction on colors, style, etc.

I’ll be posting new products and styling ideas via my Stuck on Hue Facebook page, so give it a “like” if you want to keep updated. And if you know anyone who might be in the market for decorative pillows, please send them my way!



  1. WHOOOHOOO!! Congrats my dear :) So excited for you! I love what you've chosen in the shop! I'm desperate for a couple of those Leopard print beauties but but but the Waverly Santa Maria Desert Flower ones are stunning... GAH CAN'T DECIDE. xxx

  2. wooohue! hahahaha

    that's so exciting Hollie. I'm so happy for you. I'm not an ETSY pro, but after 18 months I have learned a few things, so if you have any questions, just let me know. :)

    wishing you all the best!

  3. oops! I forgot to say how pretty your pillow covers are!

  4. Woohoo this is so exciting for you! I love all the colors. Erm, hues. :) I'm slowly setting up shop myself, so I know what you mean about your excitement and wanting to buy everything.

    But why do boys not appreciate pillows? It's like they're genetically incapable of it.

  5. That's so exciting!! Congrats on the first sale! I'm off to check out your shop now!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  6. Hi Hollie! Love these pillows! I pinned a few of these on Pinterest the other day! Love love.

  7. Your pillows are gorgeous. Congratulations on opening up your shop. I've been thinking about selling pillows on Etsy for quite some time. You really inspire me! Good luck to you and thanks for sharing.

  8. Looking forward to my pillows arriving! I love your taste in fabrics.


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