Friday, January 3, 2014

Searching for an inspiration fabric

Remember a certain pattern by Schumacher that had everyone aflutter in 2011?


It’s our good friend, Chiang Mai Dragon. Sometimes I have no idea why certain things gain popularity, but in this case, it’s justified. Not only does the pattern include lots of varied shapes, but there are quite a few colors within the print to keep the eye moving as well. A pattern like this is a great start to a room design because you can go so many directions with pillows, curtains, rugs, accessories, etc. In fact, my favorite TV designer, Sarah Richardson, did just that in a bachelor pad loft makeover.

Even though Chaing Mai Dragon is so 2011, it would look great in my living room today. In fact, I have spent too many hours the past couple days scouring Etsy, Ebay and other sources for a good deal on a Chiang Mai Dragon pillow. Sometimes it’s worth coughing up more money than usual when you find the perfect item. In my case, I change my mind too frequently, so I hesitate to pull the trigger on the dragon fabric for my own use.

Unfortunately there aren’t any fabrics I can find that meet the criteria I’m looking for. The main colors should be black, white and blue (preferably royal or navy). Other colors could be included but only in addition to the main three. Seriously, people, this seems to be an impossible request.

I’m a big fan of Bluebellgray’s Abstract print, but there’s way too much pink/purple to fly around here. The search goes on.

Do you have an inspiration fabric in your home that you built a room or color scheme around? I’d love to hear about why it stood out to you. And if you come across what you think may be the perfect fabric for me, please send details my way!



  1. Have you seen this one? I adore the colors although I haven't jumped on the dragon bandwagon.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I haven't checked out Tonic Living's designs for a while. That particular fabric is darker than I'd like. My furniture is dark (black sofa and dark gray chairs) so I'd like a pillow with a white background, in addition to lots of colors. Thanks for sharing though!

  2. I'm a massive fan of the Chiang Mia Dragon fabric as you probably know and finally used it in my bedroom last year, trends be damned. There are SO many colours, it just pulls any scheme together so beautifully. And what I had left I sold to a friend (at a discount of course) who used it to cover a couple of dining chair seats.. so versatile!

    I'm feeling your pain though - searching for wallpaper to tie my colours in my living room together and it's been a difficult task!

    Anyway, not sure if this will help but perhaps Manuel Canovas Voyage de Chin in the blue colourway might work?


    1. It's interesting that the more options you look at, the better you can describe what you want? That one does meet the criteria of blue, white and black. However, it's heavier on the blue than I would like. I think I'd prefer white to be the background color. And since I wrote this post, I have been continuing to look at fabric options. I think I might be limiting myself with just blue, black and white. I think I would be happier with some of the colors found in the Chiang Mai fabric, like red, coral, yellow, and green. It's hard to top that one, huh?

  3. Nope! I don't decorate. BUT, I have been searching for the perfect fabric for my kid's bench (pillows) I just can't seem to find anything I love. :(

    good luck to you with your quest of the perfect (fabric) pillow!

  4. It is so 2011, but I still love it! There just aren't enough pretty colorful fabrics!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way


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