Saturday, December 7, 2013

What I've been up to lately

I miss you, little blog. I've been better at keeping up with reading other blogs in recent weeks (via Bloglovin' on my phone ... it rocks), but still haven't gotten back in the groove with posting my own stuff! I thought I'd just pop in tonight to fill you guys in on a few things I've been up to the past few weeks.

First, many of you know that my teenage son is in marching band. And my husband and I are both very involved volunteers. My official job (unpaid, of course) is band booster president, which is a very busy job with our active band program. From July to November, my life revolved around marching band! They made it to the state finals for the fifth year in a row and placed sixth in their division. It was a great year, and we're shooting for even better in 2014! I still have band stuff going on year-round, but nothing like the busy fall season. Here's where I spent most of my Saturdays in September and October -- in the bleachers.

On our one non-band Saturday of the fall, The Mr. and I got all gussied up and attended a family wedding. We are both more sarcastic than silly, but we managed to have a little photo booth fun.

The aforementioned teenage son just turned 17 on Thanksgiving day. It was only the second time since the day he was born that his birthday actually fell on Thanksgiving, so that was pretty cool. He is our "turkey boy." We have been on a car hunt for a couple months and surprised him with one at his family birthday party the weekend before. He is stoked, of course. And now I have to try not to back out of the garage and hit his car in the previously unoccupied turnaround in our driveway. (We have a long, windy driveway, so it's not an easy one to back down.) He actually smiled that day, which is a rare occurrence (grumpy teenagers, ya know). Just don't tell him I posted a photo of him on my blog.

In news more related to my blogging self, I have finally come to my senses and joined Instagram. I'm not what they call an early adopter, huh? Follow me at hollie_imbusyprocrastinating. I need more people to follow, too!

Pigs may fly before I join Twitter, though, so don't bother checking for me there. I remember a few years ago thinking, "That Twitter trend is going to die before it really gets anywhere." Well, I was wrong. But I'm still not joining. Blogs and Facebook and Instagram and Words With Friends/Scramble are enough to keep me procrastinating.

More trailblazing here ... I bought my first can of gold spray paint and my first tube of Rub 'n Buff. Again, behind the times. It was love at first spray, and I was afraid that everything in my house might have been turned gold if I didn't restrain myself. This coral sculpture was my first victim. Look for it in some upcoming living room update photos.

Since I've got the whole black and white thing going on in my living room and since I had a new affinity for gold, I was totally stoked about going black/white/gold with my holiday decorations. However, once I started pulling out all my current stuff and realizing that most of the non-tree decor I have is silver or mercury glass (which is also silvery), and since I do not have approval to buy all new stuff, I quickly came to the realization that I needed to work with what I've got this year. In that effort, I'm updating last year's turquoise scheme to a black/white/silver/turquoise for 2013. Here's a sneak peek I posted today on Instagram. The polka dot ornaments make me smile! And I'm totally happy with how things ended up this year. I might have gone a little crazy with black and white herringbone ribbon.

Until I started putting up my holiday decorations this past week, I was being a total scrooge. It takes me a while to get in the spirit. Two of our local radio stations started playing Xmas music 24/7 right after Halloween, which totally annoyed me, especially since one of them was in my top 3 as far as local radio, and now I have fewer non-Xmas stations to flip through. I still can't get into the holiday music mood, but I'm all about the shopping. Except I feel like I'm shopping more for me than for anyone else! I mean ... with 60% off sales on Black Friday, who can refuse trying on jeans when one's existing jeans are really needing to be replaced? And I may have spent a bit too much time in the Target home decor area yesterday. I really was shopping for others, I swear. I'm still pleased with the Target/Nate Berkus partnership, and Target's Threshold brand is really killing it. They have bar carts at Target now, people!

Their Threshold line is putting out some awesome knobs, too. Previously the selection was pretty blah.


The knobs on the left are faceted, and the knobs on the right are all bubbly -- very Anthro-esque. My photos don't do them justice. I wanted to put them in my cart right then and there, but decided I should probably wait until my next big furniture project actually happens. 

But even if there was time for that in December with all the holiday busy-ness, I'm not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds for a couple more weeks. I had an ovarian cyst removed a few weeks ago, so I'm still on the mend. No worries ... everything is fine, but surgery was required, so I'm supposed to take it easy for a while. And two weeks after my procedure, Jason had rotator cuff surgery. He will be wearing a shoulder immobilizer sling on his right arm for six more weeks, so between the two of us, there is not much lifting and moving going on. He's getting pretty good at eating with his left hand, but he's pretty much no help around the house, which is a bummer, especially at meal prep time.

Is there anybody still reading this post? It's gotten quite long, and I don't know that I've ever shared this much personal stuff! And I can't believe the majority of photos were taken on my phone. It might be a record.

Now it's your turn to share. Do you have a kid in marching band? Or just a grumpy teenager in general? Are you a holiday scrooge? Do you spend more time shopping for yourself than gift recipients this time of year? Are you getting more and more excited about Target home decor these days? Or am I just easily impressed because I don't get out shopping much since I haven't been working and earning an income? I'm almost afraid to go gift shopping at HomeGoods next week because I'm afraid of the temptations!



  1. I've been terrible with posting as well - and not too great with keeping up with other blogs either!! It's such a busy time for everyone and my brain is pretty fried from all the Christmas stuff I'm pulling together for work so it doesn't leave me with a lot of energy to pour into my own blog and it ends up getting neglected! That said, I've been in 'Christmas mode' since early November when I started pulling together the Christmas schedule (for AO at Home) and so when 1st Dec finally hit, I figured I could finally go to town! Been watching films, listening to music and just generally getting into the spirit of the season so admittedly, I do love it ;) More decorating this weekend and then it'll be wrapping presents (not done there either and yes it's SO TEMPTING to not shop for myself with all the sales)!

    So sorry both of you aren't at 100% at the moment, hoping for a speedy recovery! And bet your son smiled at his present!! Bless him, we were all grumpy at that age, weren't we? ;) Hope he had a very happy birthday!


    P.S. I'm still jealous of you guys having Target!! Dammit, wish they'd come here! Although we did just get West Elm ;) Fingers crossed!!

  2. omg seriously you are singing my song - yes i too have a son in band.. he's in 9th grade so i have a few more years to go, but i'm not as involved as you are - I work full-time, and honestly, my older son played football and it's kind of been a rough transition to go from football mom to band mom... i have a hard time because i love football! but it's still awesome to see him have so much fun :) and yes I'm not listening to christmas music yet either.. my company always has its annual meeting the first weekend in december so all i think about is work - i'm here right now actually! oh, and I am sooo on board with the gold thing.. i love that gold coral thing! hope you guys are on the mend soon!

  3. Former marching band nerd here, complete with Drum Majorette ranking senior year, lol! Not to mention too many years of college music performance classes. Kudos to you for supporting your son's music program. Wish more parents were involved the way you are!! It's hard work, but extremely necessary, and very appreciated!

  4. Oh my! what a full post! So much to respond to.... so many questions to answer. First... what a cutie! Happy belated birthday, and congrats on a good year!
    The pictures of you and the hubs! I wondered where that picture came from on Words. :) LOVE it!
    Yay for the gold spray paint and rub-n-buff. Your tree looks very pretty, working with what you have.
    The bar carts are awesome! I bet jamie will love those too.
    shopping? On black friday, I came home with more stuff for me than I did gifts. It use to be a BIG rule of mine. IF you go shopping for someone else, you don't bring stuff home for yourself. Rules are made to be broken, right?
    I need to get busy on my gift shopping. I have the money and the time, but I just don't know what to buy for my family! hahaha okay--rambling now....

  5. Target is killing it! No surprise, though!


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