Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Statement chairs for my living room, with design help from One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane asked me what statement chair from my home most reflects my personal style, and what design elements of the chair (pattern, texture, color, etc) I love most. I started picturing each room of our house in my head, recalling each of our chairs. The sad thing is that not a single one makes much of a statement. (Or, in the case of the blah blue chairs that moved from my living room to my bedroom and upstairs, not a statement I want to make.)

For someone who loves design, this makes me cringe. The truth is, one of my wishes for the new year is to replace the gray chairs in my living room with something that brings a little more zing. 

The overall style of our existing chairs is fine. I like the simple modern architecture, the nailhead trim, and the fact that the seat cushion can be removed for dry cleaning when necessary. A couple of my kitties love that they can nestle into where the cushion and chair back meet, for a snooze or a look out the front windows.

The seat of the chair is a bit narrow, though. They are more apartment-sized than fit-yourself-plus-a-furry-creature-beside-you-sized. Jason would love nothing more than for me to let him bring his favorite recliner into the living room. Think brown, orange, and green, vintage 1970s grandpa. Yeah, not happening. Not the right statement.

Our current gray chairs blend in with the other furnishings in the room. That's not a bad thing usually, but in this case, I'd like to find something on that side of the room to command some attention. Blue is in order, but something more sophisticated than my old blue chairs. I go back and forth on the style (wingbacks? velvet with track arms? mid-mod?) and the exact color of blue (turquoise? royal? navy?), so I haven't pulled the trigger on anything.

Here are a few that have caught my eye. If you want to put a pair of any of these under my tree on Christmas, I won't hate you.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

If you're like me and have a slight chair obsession, you should check out One Kings Lane's new Home Decor Resource Guide. You can find everything from how to incorporate a statement chair into a room, to suggestions on when you should DIY an upholstery job vs. hiring out to a pro. You can even find historical information about specific chair styles over the years.

And One Kings Lane is always a great place to find stylish home decor items, whether top-brand, designer or vintage. They are the darling of many a design blogger. And you don't even have to stalk people for a parking spot to shop there ... what a relief!

For now, I will continue to seek out the perfect blue statement chairs for my living room. What about you? Do you have a favorite statement chair? What is it about it that makes your heart go pitter-patter?



  1. I like your gray chairs and nail head trim and am picturing the cats sleeping on them. Perhaps a colorful pillow will do the trick? Otherwise, nice post and thanks for sharing!

    1. My cats definitely like the current gray chairs! I think the high arms make the cats feel protected on three sides. I feel like I need more color back in the room ... if it's not the chairs, definitely through pillows or even a rug. (I keep going back and forth between blue chairs or a blue rug!) We shall see how it all progresses ....


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