Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy holidays from me and "Seinfeld"

This may be the first December 25 I have not left my house to go anywhere. I did spend half the day in the kitchen making food that only took us 15 minutes to eat, but it's all good. I like homemade pico de gallo and empanadas! And my son may have dominated us in Risk (after playing begrudgingly and arguing with me half the time), but I enjoyed spending time with my two guys.

In honor of all the holidays you and yours celebrate, here are two of my favorite Seinfeld holiday-related moments.

The first, Elaine says angrily, "You want a Christmas card? You want a Christmas card? All right, here, get your Christmas card!"

In case you're unfamiliar, Elaine inadvertently sent out a holiday photo card on which she had a bit of a nip slip! And George was a bit obsessed with seeing it. (The card, that is.) And my favorite Seinfeld "holiday" is Festivus!

Oh, the airing of grievances and feats of strength. It's an original holiday!

But for real, thank you to everyone who visits here, and I hope that whatever holidays you celebrate are happy!



  1. Hollie l love both of those episodes!!! I just love the entire show. Thanks for reminding me about the the card that's hilarious. :-)

  2. I'm happy you had a good time with your guys! :)

    Jamie and Andy left early, so I went to a movie with my cousin. It was a fabulous day!


  3. Pleased to hear you had a lovely Holiday! And thanks for the reminder of Festivus - HILARIOUS! "Stop crying and fight yer father." Hahaha! xxx


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