Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SW Indigo Batik, will you be mine?

Let's face facts. My living room is dark. Sure, I can help it look a little lighter and brighter with some camera tricks, but it truly gets little direct natural light.

As I stated in my "5 Reasons Why Dark Walls Work" post, there's just no sense in fighting the darkness. I am head over heels for a moody blue right now, but there are a lot of opinions floating around by non-decor-obsessed family or friends who just don't understand why I want to "make a dark room even darker."

Above is a phone pic showing a sample board I painted in the moody blue I'm currently in love with. It actually matches a blue right in the middle of the big abstract painting above the sofa.

I wedged the sample board it behind the sofa to see how a dark blue wall would look behind a black sofa. Truth be told, I'm happy for the black sofa to recede a bit, rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

The blue color is Sherwin Williams "Indigo Batik." You may recognize the name from your West Elm catalog, as it's one of their partner paint colors. To me, it's a smoky blue, but when a family member looked at the sample board from across the room, he thought it looked black. That did NOT help my case with Jason, since he is already resistant to a dark room.

Of course, he's not looking at decor photos constantly like I am, so I understand why something different than the norm might be a bit scary. He's also a status-quo-kind-of-guy, so he sees no reason to change things. I, on the other hand, get antsy for change now and then, until I feel completely satisfied with a room. And what lover of decor is ever satisfied with a room?

If I could just get some paint on those walls and some curtains on the windows, I would be much more settled. He finds both of those things repulsive.

Here are some other rooms painted with SW Indigo Batik. Maybe seeing these will help him envision what our room could look like.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Seems like it looks different depending on the light. I like that. It has some of the features of navy, but with less black. I posted my room on Houzz a few weeks ago hoping for some reassurance about choosing dark blue walls. Most people suggested a light gray instead. While I don't think that's a bad choice, I usually prefer something a bit different than the norm. I'm not afraid to take a chance on a bold choice. I'm a total rule follower in life, but in decor I like to have a bit of fun!

What about you? Do you typically play it safe with your decor, or do you tend to take chances?



  1. definitely play it safe, but still do what I love. I don't know enough about decor to try to make it work. does that even make sense?
    I just used Sherwin Williams Naval (in Behr premium plus ultra) on some beds, and I think it is THE prettiest blue I've ever seen. The client wanted Pottery Barn Blue, and that is the color PB suggested.
    I say go for it... it's only paint, right? hehehehe
    happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Hollie!

  2. I do all the painting in my house (even outside) because Wayne is a 'status quo' kind of guy and will refuse to do work that doesn't need doing - which is fair enough I suppose. But this means that any of the more 'controversial' choices I've made in terms of paint (the black bedroom, the navy blue dining room, the peacock blue bathroom), I've had to do it myself and if he hates it (which he normally assumes he will), it means I have to do the repainting. So that's the deal we make. I've never had to repaint a room yet. He always loves it much more in situ because normally, he just can't picture it the way I can, he can't understand how it could possibly work where I can. And so when it's finally done, when it's finally IN HIS FACE, he realises my decision was actually right. It's a risk I'm willing to take and one he will accept as he doesn't have to do anything really.

    Not sure if that method will work in your home obviously and there's been many a time I've cursed the fact that I'm up a ladder with paint in my hair while he's sat comfortably watching Formula One but it's always worked out in the end.

    Stuff the boring choices ;)


  3. My son's room is Indigo Batik. It's the most beautiful shade of blue. I will definitely use it again.


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