Friday, August 23, 2013

IKEA Vittsjo shelves in blue

So you know how I said I was considering spray painting my new IKEA Vittsjo shelving blue? Well the clever Caitlin at Desert Domicile has already done it.

Seriously, I think these look great in gold a la many a Vittsjo hack, but it's great to see something different. And since blue is my favorite color, I'm a big fan. I love Caitlin's styling too. I don't even think I own this many accessories in my entire house, but then again I'm a minimalist. The cool thing is that she blended her own pretty decor items with her boyfriend's gamer collectibles. If you click through to Caitlin's blog you can see all the interesting characters mixed in there!

I'm obsessed over the bust atop the shelving who dons the mask and moustache. You know I love the quirky things in life!

I just found her blog last weekend but I'm happy to find a kindred spirit. I'm a fan of her style and she's a perfectionist to boot. She's a whiz at not only building, but styling a floating wooden shelf, too.

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I'm beginning to sound like I have a girl crush. Caitlin, if you're reading this, do not be alarmed.



  1. Thanks for the feature, Hollie! Glad you like my shelves and my styling! Can't wait to see how your Vittsjo shelf turns out :)

  2. lol "do not be alarmed"

    Caitlin, I can vouch for Holly-she's harmless, really she is!

    I can build, but I can't style/stage.... :( So I'm a bit envious of Caitlin's talent.


  3. Lovely!! I don't think I have enough accessories either and I'm a total maximalist lol It does look fab though, love spaces like this :) Think this means you should be going blue, don't you? ;) xxx


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