Saturday, August 17, 2013

A tall & skinny shelving unit for a tall & skinny space

Finally I have something size-appropriate for the narrow wall space just inside my front door!

If you'll recall, this diminutive former-nightstand just wasn't cutting it in the height department.

After a while of living with it and hating it, I just took it away because it was better to have an empty space there than the total wrong thing in the space.

You probably recognize my new shelving unit. It's the ubiquitous IKEA Vittsjo. It's the perfect size and shape, and at only $40, it's also a steal. I had been considering it for some time but the nearest IKEA is a couple hours away. A friend of Jason's was going to pick it up for me on an IKEA run but, even flat-packed, it was too long for her compact car. I finally got the chance to get up there a few months ago and am just now sharing the pics.

I'm sure you've seen these shelving units (they come in both a single and a double-wide) get hacked over and over. Just type IKEA Vittsjo in the Pinterest search field and you'll find tons of examples. Gold seems to be the top color, with white in second. I originally liked to have the black on that side of the room (to coordinate with the black sofa) but I'm a color gal so the royal blue spray paint can in my basement keeps calling out to me. I usually just wait if I can't make a decision, but spray painting is easy enough that I could always spray over it if I change my mind later, I guess!

I'm certainly not set on how the shelving is styled. These are just things I had on hand. I'm sure they will change frequently, much to Jason's dismay!

What do you think? Better than the old table? Should I go for color or keep it black for now?



  1. Hollie,
    I'm loving the black for now.. but like you said... spray paint is so easy. You could change it with the seasons! (much to Jason's dismay, I'm sure) hahah

    Oh how I wish I liked to decorate... or even care about it. :)
    HOpe you're having a great weekend,

  2. Oh yes, the scale is so much better! Perfect piece and I have to say, I quite like it in black in your home. If you do tire of it, however, spray painting is so easy and I quite fancy the idea of seeing it in blue :) xxx

  3. I really think it works 'as is'!!

  4. Three votes for black. I might paint the walls soon, so I'll leave it black for now and see what happens!


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