Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Slap a pretty name on it and mark it up $200

Price discrepancies drive me batty. Have you ever noticed that sometimes things get marked up just so they can later be "discounted"? I have heard this happens in groceries or retail stores sometimes.

Tonight I was browsing Joss & Main after receiving an email advertising the Brooklyn Limestone Curator's Collection. I was scrolling through her recommended products when I came across the "Leighton Stool."
Leighton Stool
A set of 2 was priced at $327.90. Funny thing is that I bought these same stools (with a long, technical name) for only $130.32 via Amazon in May 2012. Granted, mine were 24 inches and these are 30 inches. However, the 30-inch stools are regularly sold all over the internet for around $130 too.

 Here they are in my kitchen:

Photo by Whitney Neal Photography
Now just because they are given a designer name rather than an industrial name, they are being sold for $200 more. And they were sold out less than 30 minutes after I received the email in my inbox.

I'm sure the people who paid the extra $200 would be furious if they knew. I've come across other products on various "flash sale" sites (never Fab, though) that are also the same price or more than the product can be purchased from other retailers. What's up with that?

Have you experienced this yourself?


P.S. If you're interested, the stools can be found on Amazon. The Wedgewood Blue color in 24" height  are sold out right now, but you can buy the blue in 18", or the Dove Gray in 24" or 30". They also come in Putty (just ask Martha).


  1. All the time! But grocery stores really make me mad. Double the price and then proclaim and BOGO sale! Do they really think we're stupid?


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