Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vacationing in Germany: Rothenburg, the medieval walled city

When you picture a quaint German town, you picture Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which translates to "Red fortress above the Tauber" [River]. It's filled with half-timbered houses and surrounded by a medieval wall with watch towers.

We enjoyed a tasty German dinner of sausages, Schnitzel and beer soon after we arrived and checked in to our hotel. (We usually prefer renting apartments but for a one-night stay, there weren't any available. For such a short stopover, it was nice to have a hotel conveniently inside the old town walls.)

That night we joined the Night Watchman tour, which I expected to be cheesy but was rather informative and funny. After a sunny and clear morning in Heidelberg, we had ditched our umbrellas only to be caught in the rain unprepared during the tour. Lucky for me a kind woman ran in and grabbed me a loaner umbrella when we passed by her hotel along the tour route. Danke schรถn!

The next morning I had to try a Schneeball, which is egg dough fried and then covered in powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, etc. They look better than they taste. Save your money.

We checked out all the medieval torture and punishment devices at the Kriminalmuseum.

Above top right is a shame mask worn in the town square as punishment by those who acted like pigs. Bottom right is a very uncomfortable chair, no? Bottom left is a neck violin. The large hole went around the offender's neck and the small holes around the hands. A double neck violin was used to make quarreling women work out their issues. Can you say "Real Housewives"? (Disclaimer: I don't watch that show, but I can only imagine.)

Before we scooted out of town for our next destination, we took a walk along the old perimeter wall. That was pretty cool. And as a bonus, it was covered at the top, so no rain!

If you're visiting Germany, I recommend you give Rothenburg ob der Tauber at least a day, if not two. We had to skip a few recommended attractions because we were on a tight schedule. And I highly recommend you stay in the town overnight, when it's much quieter after the daily tour bus groups head back to the big city.

Has anyone else been lured in by Rothenburg's charm?



  1. you're kidding, how could those balls of goodness (did I really just write that) not be delicious? it looks like you're enjoying yourselves, rain and all. I've never been to Germany, but i'll add it to my list!

    1. I know ... I was shocked too by the Schneeball disappointment! And believe me -- I love desserts. They just had no taste at all.

  2. that mask! I know some people who should be wearing it. ;)

    loving all your pics Hollie!

  3. Goodness, you guys are getting in so much on your trip! Sorry for the rain, hope things cleared up for you nicely ;) xxx


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