Tuesday, May 28, 2013

European invasion

After months and months of planning, the day is finally here. We are headed to Europe, baby! Jason (aka The Mr.) went to Spain several years ago but Zachary (aka The Teen) and I have never flown over the Atlantic Ocean.

We fly from Louisville, KY, to Newark, NJ, and then on to Frankfurt, Germany. I will have no problem sleeping on the plane but Jason, who will be driving once we get to Deutschland, may be another story. I've brought toothpicks to prop his eyes open if necessary. Hey, driving while sleepy in a foreign country where the signs are in another language shouldn't be a problem, right?

We'll be visiting Germany most of the time. My dirndl and the guys' liederhosen are packed.

Ironically, we were at a somewhat-local German restaurant last weekend in celebration of Jason's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. It's called the Schnitzelbank, and it's about an hour away in Jasper, Indiana. I convinced my guys to try the sampler platter so we could get an idea of what some of our favorites or not-so-favorites might be when we get to Germany.

Who knows how authentic all the food was, but Zachary and I were all about the Schweineschnitzel (pork cutlet breaded and pan-fried), so we can't wait to try more!


You can expect lots and lots of photos in the next weeks. I'm warning you now! In addition to several cities in Germany, we'll make a day trip into the Salzburg, Austria, area, and then spend several days in Prauge, Czech Republic. I am totally stoked. Sorry, my checked bag is full, so I can't sneak you in. My cats already tried.

Have you been  to Germany, Austria, or Czech Republic before? If so, what were your favorite things to see or do? I've done tons of research, of course, but personal recommendations are always great. Got a favorite restaurant there? Pass it along!



  1. Wow, that is awesome- I am actually from and living in Germany, and it's always fascinating to see how people experience what is so familiar to me.
    If you should go to Hamburg, Munich or Berlin (or Prague) I recommend going on NewEurope walking tours (http://www.neweuropetours.eu/). They offer a choice of tours in English that are led by interested people living in the respective cities, I've been on a couple of them all over Europe and they have always been amazing (especially the free pay-after tours).

  2. So exciting!! I've been to both Berlin and Prague (love love love) but can't really recommend much as it was a few years ago now! But just wanted to say have an amazing time and next time, plan a stop over in Manchester, eh? ;) xxx

  3. I lived in Germany many years ago and both my kids were born there. For me, Munich and Berlin are a must too!

  4. I'm sooo happy for you all! Nope, I've been to France, Canada, and Mexico... but that's it.
    I can't wait to see all of your pictures.
    Be safe! have fun! I'll miss ya in words!


  5. Just got back last month from all of those places. Prague was my favorite by far. I drove from place to place. If you drive through Austria, Rosenburger is an excellent rest stop. For Germany, the Rhine Valley is a must do.


I hope you'll stop a second to let me know you were here and/or to share your thoughts!

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