Monday, April 1, 2013

Yard sale this Saturday!

I am in a purging mood! I have been ruthlessly scouring every room and every closet in our house. Anything that I either don't love or doesn't serve a purpose is out. I've been pulling artwork off the walls, decor off tables, books off shelves, and holiday plates out of the kitchen cabinets.

My motivation is the yard sale I'll be hosting this Saturday, April 6. I don't think I've ever been so excited about a yard sale. My enthusiasm is because any money I earn from the sale is money I can pour back into the house! I'm a spender, not a saver. Good thing The Mr. is quite the opposite! I haven't been working since December and have committed to a part-time volunteer role for the next two years, so our family budget has gotten much tighter. I'm basically not supposed to spend money on anything non-essential, unless I earn the money myself. It makes total sense, but it's so frustrating after being used to having more freedom when I was working. I know, I know. First world problems.

Our old neighborhood, which had over 150 houses, had a neighborhood yard sale every spring and fall. It was so easy just to pull out my stuff and not have to worry about the marketing part of it. In our current neighborhood of five houses, it's a bit more work to drive traffic. In the five years we've lived here, I've only had one yard sale, so I'm due!

I was planning to do one last year but after the tornado devastation that happened in nearby communities last March, I gave away so much to those affected that I didn't have enough left to have a good sale. Luckily I have an unfinished basement with tons of storage room, so anything that wasn't appropriate for donation just stayed on my wall of shelves for later.

In the sale will be a bit of everything, a portion of which is listed below:
  • Clothing, shoes, hats and accessories for women (sizes S and M), men (sizes S, M, L), and boys (sizes 12-14)
  • Black men's cowboy hat
  • Books (adults, pre-teen boys/fantasy)
  • Kitchen and household misc.
  • Garment steamer
  • Queen bedding set (colors are red and beige)
  • Boy toys (Nerf, Hot Wheels, Legos, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, K'Nex, laser tag, basketball pop-a-shot, and more)
  • Electronics (three TVs, tons of cables, video camera, inkjet printer)
  • Tons of home decor in great condition but just doesn't fit my current home (wall art, accessories, toss pillows)
  • Furniture (porch rocker, patio chairs and cushions, coffee table, iron corner etagere, office chair, stool, kitchen chairs, corner TV cabinet)
  • Christmas stuff (entire set of dishes, decor, ornaments)
As I unearth and price everything this week, I'll be taking photos of some items and adding them to this post. Come back later in the week for more details!

Edit 4/3/13 11:00AM - More photos below. 

Queen bedding set includes 1 comforter (reversible red floral/plaid), 2 pillow cases (beige floral), 2 pillow shams (red floral), 1 bedskirt (plaid), flat sheet and fitted sheet (beige floral), window valance (plaid), toss pillow (plaid)

Edit 4/1/13 6:00PM - Several photos added below. May add more as the week goes on.



I'm also working on some painting projects that I'll display on sale day. They certainly won't be priced at yard sale prices, but it can't hurt to get more eyes on them! I'll share the details on those soon.

If you're in the Southern Indiana/Louisville area and want to stop by on April 6, let me know at and I'll provide more info. Come buy my stuff so I can buy more stuff!!!



  1. Your favorite sister-in-law would like a sneak peek. Please and thank you.

    P.S. There was a typo in my first (two) comment(s) and it had to be fixed! Now I've muddied up your blog more blog reading when my brain is work-fried. I hate that it's tracking my every move!

    (I did some really thorough proofreading this time.)

    1. I'll be posting photos as the week goes on, especially for home decor and furniture items. If there's anything in particular you're thinking of that I might be selling, let me know. Those gray pillows with the blue/green/beige embroidered circles are included.

  2. Replies
    1. Sale is this Saturday. Just posted the pics this afternoon. Everything is available at this time!

  3. I hate having yardsales. :( but I like to go to them occasionally.
    good luck, I hope it's a huge success. At least the weather is suppose to be nice, right?

    flying to vegas....

  4. We'll it is now November and I just discovered your blog through a search for some red plaid bedding. Any chance you still have this?

    1. Sorry, no. It sold right at the end of the yard sale, actually!

    2. Cindi, just in case you happen to see this, I found the bedding ... it didn't sell, and I had moved it to a storage location. Let me know if you still are interested!


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