Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crushing on stylist Lotta Agaton

When I was researching my black and white striped decor post, I stumbled upon a site featuring Swedish stylist Lotta Agaton. She styles both interiors and still lifes, runs her own design shop and writes a blog.

Above is the photo I featured in my post. Who doesn't love a black and white striped pillow? While the decor above could possibly be found in any upscale hipster's apartment, you'll see below that her overall portfolio exhibits a definite Scandinavian theme: simple, white with black accents, layered, fresh, modern yet with a feeling of history.

Here are some of my other favorite spaces and/or stills featured in her portfolio:

Have you heard of Lotta? Which space do you like best?



  1. I have to admit, I'd not heard of her before I went to Stockholm in Jan but when we all found out that her store was opening exclusively for the Blogger Conference during our design store, everyone went NUTS. I didn't understand why until I walked in. Amazing interiors shop and I was suckered into buying two prints (I say that, it's not like anyone twisted my arm).

    It's most definitely an amazing Scandi vibe and not necessarily my own taste but it's gorgeous, there's no doubt. xxx

    1. You know ... I had read that post, but Lotta's name totally didn't click with me. Thanks for the reminder!


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