Friday, March 1, 2013

My very own buffalo print

Friends, meet Buffy.

Bam! Isn't she a cutie?

Yes, her name is Buffy. Don't judge. I'm just making the assumption that it's a she, because I wouldn't want to get close enough to actually make the determination. But even if it's a he, that's okay because a guy that big (and with horns) can get away with a feminine name. Right? Right.

You may recall my fascination with Sharon Montrose's American Buffalo print, and the personal story why. As usual, The Mr. thought I was crazy for my love affair with Sharon's buffalo photo, and since I can't afford a giant version of him right now, I set the idea aside but still kept him in my heart.

I happen to be in the middle of a room makeover project right now, which I will share with you very soon, and the buffalo came back to mind. Sharon's print wouldn't work in the space because hers is horizontal and I need vertical, so I looked on Etsy for other buffalo photo options.

I came across this awesome buffalo photo by Ashley Jones-Wisner (aka ashley1126 on Etsy).

She took the photo at the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in Kansas, and said [Buffy] was so close to her that she had to lean back to snap the picture! While I instantly connected with the photo, it didn't quite fit my needs. However, I had the genius idea to crop it vertically and change it to black and white.

I contacted Ashley and she was really excited and thankful that I helped her see the photo in a different way. She did a custom crop for me and is printing it out in a 20x24 size. She loves the idea so much that she's thinking of adding it to her Etsy shop as an additional permanent option. Fun!

I've decided on a super-thin black frame like this Framatic Fineline, 20" x 24" Aluminum Frame. Designer Emily Henderson tipped me off to them in her post about her favorite ready-made picture frames. My only quandary now is whether to use a mat or not.

If I use a mat, I'll need to have a custom frame built, because I can't find a ready-made size larger than 20x24 in the style I like. The good news is that I found a local framer whose prices are super-reasonable, although I might burn up a lot of gas driving to his remote location! Obviously the addition of a mat would make the overall piece larger on the wall. And large is always good. (That's what she said. Sorry, couldn't help it. I miss Steve Carrell on "The Office.")

If I don't use a mat, I can purchase the ready-made frame I linked to above. However, the overall piece will be smaller if I don't use a mat because the largest Ashley can have printed is 20x24.

I'm leaning toward matting it, even thought it will drive up the price a bit. My only worry is whether a mat will distract from the in-your-face effect I'm going for. If you have an opinion on the mat issue, please weigh in!

Either way, stay tuned for further Buffy developments, and details about the room she will be living in.


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  1. I love mats on prints but rarely get them because just as you said, it turns into custom framing and it gets too expensive! Loving 'Buffy' and loving Etsy that you can actually request custom items - it's such a good idea!! xxx


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