Thursday, March 21, 2013

I love the game, and now I have a Tetris scarf

Who can resist the colored blocks of various shapes falling at rapidly increasing speeds? Not me. I was a Tetris-playing fool back in the day.


I'm not a big fan of playing it on my touch-screen phone now, so I have to live out my Tetris fantasies via my clothes now. Enter Target's new Mossimo Tetris Print Scarf.

At only $14.99, with free shipping and 5% off with my Target Red Card, I couldn't pass it up. Mine finally arrived the mail today and I'm stoked. Since I've been threatened not to bring too many clothes on our Europe trip this summer, I figure as lightweight and colorful as it is, it will help jazz up my wardrobe, even if I wear the same shirt several different days. How very European of me.

Target seriously has tons of cute scarves online and in stores this spring. I couldn't find this one at my local store so I purchased it online, but I wanted to buy up half of what they had in the store.

If you see me wearing this one in 93 degree weather, it's not because I have a hickey I'm trying to cover up. It's because I'm being fashionable. (I have a dear cousin/friend who was caught wearing a not-super-thin scarf when we dined on a restaurant patio a couple years ago when it was blazing hot outside. Like sweat-dripping-down-our-backs-even-as-we-drank-cold-beverages hot. And we all wondered how in the world she could have something tied up tight around her neck. Yep, totally covering a hickey.)

Are you a Tetris fan? Have you ever used an article of clothing to cover up something that you didn't want the world to see? Do you know anyone who has had a hickey in her 30s? Spill it.


P.S. No affiliate links or sponsorship here. Just loving this product and wanted to share!


  1. Pretty and so geek chic!! I didn't know you were going to be in Europe! Where are you going? (I'm assuming no where near Manchester or we will not be on speaking terms anymore young lady!! ;)) xxx

    1. No UK on this trip! Germany is our main country, with stops in Berlin, Munich, and several other smaller towns. Have a day trip to Salzburg in Austria, and then several days in Prague. If you've visited any of those places and have wisdom to share, please do!

  2. 'Hickey'!! Haahaa It's been a long time since I heard that word!! I was a tetris junky once too, and lame as it is - I learnt to play the song on my piano!! Haaha

    1. Lame? Nah ... just means you had great eye-hand coordination and superior space planning skills!


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