Sunday, March 3, 2013

Even Martha is a fan of the Lyon Industrial Stool

You know that feeling when you make a design choice but you're not sure whether it will be a win or a fail? It's exhilarating yet exhausting at the same time.

I was a bit unsure when I bought my Lyon industrial stools for my kitchen island (24" in Wedgewood Blue with rubber feet). Here they are in situ (although I need to update my photo because I have added some additional splashes of blue in the kitchen).

Maybe my uneasiness was due to a couple previous internet furniture purchases (including a set of stools) that didn't work out so well. Or maybe it's because I was looking for the reassurance of seeing them used in other kitchens. While I think we all like to be original, we also find comfort in knowing that someone else likes something we like.

Today I feel validated, because I'm so Martha. Yep, look who used the Lyon industrial stools in her own kitchen?

Granted this was the September 2006 cover of Martha Stewart Living, so maybe I'm so 2006 Martha. But any Martha good. I mean ... have you seen her retro modeling photos? Va-va-va-voom!

Back to the Lyon stools, here they are in three other kitchens.

The juxtaposition of the simple industrial-style stool in gray against the more glamorous and gilded kitchen is interesting. This Los Angeles kitchen was designed y William Hefner Architects, and spied on COCOCOZY.

The stools above are in the kitchen of Apartment Therapy contributor Regina Yunghans. A friend of hers scavenged them from an architecture school that was under renovation. Regina had them professionally powder coated in bright yellow. I've always wished mine were a bit more vibrant blue, so maybe I'll look into powder coating them at some point.

The next two photos are of the same kitchen, but you'll notice a big difference (and it's not the stools).

The first photo was featured on Remodelista in February 2009. The second was published in Midwest Living in September/October 2011. Homeowner Lisa Balke is an antiques dealer, whis is likely how she came across a salvaged church altar which she and her husband converted into their kitchen island. It definitely brings a warmer feel to the space than the stainless steel island did. I assume that was just a stand-in while they searched for something special.

I assume the white stools were powder coated as well, because they aren't manufactured in white. Actually, if Lyon realized how much of a demand there is for bright metal stools, they might re-think their drab colors. Maybe I should give them a bit of a nudge!

Have you ever had an "I'm so Martha" moment, where you felt validated about a choice you hadn't been so sure of?



  1. No, No Martha moments here. I'm inspired but then I'm off to the beat of my own drum. I loved the retro Martha modeling shot. Very nice. And I wished I had a home that had the yawning space for stools. Alas, not. I'm with you for the pop colors too.

    1. Martha is certainly looking good at her current age, but she was definitely a stunner back in her modeling days too!

  2. I love your stools, 2006 or not. I wish I could get my hands on the exact same stools. I also love them in yellow but your blue ones would be beautiful in my kitchen.

    1. Bummer that not all countries have access to the same products. Try doing an online search for Lyon stool with steel seat. There are a bunch of online retailers who sell them, and maybe at least one of them sells to Canada!

  3. I love seeing my stuff on reputable places!! Makes me feel like I made a good choice! ;)

    1. Reputable ... good word! I can't quite compete with any million dollar decorators, but Martha's style is attainable.

  4. Love your stools and I'm so jealous of your kitchen!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comment.
    Following you now!


    1. Thanks so much, Charmaine. Glad you came over for a visit! Love your CL finds!

  5. cool stools... since I'm clueless, I've never heard of 'em. lol

    LOVE your kitchen and the blue stools.


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