Sunday, March 24, 2013

Congrats to Bend on their collaboration with West Elm

Back in October I shared my obsession with the Bend brand. Quirky and colorful is just my thing.

I was checking out West Elm's newest products today and spied a new dining table and chairs designed by Bend, exclusively for West Elm.

The Bend Dining Chair is sold individually or in sets of two. You can also purchase the Bend Dining Table with a set of two chairs. They come in white or yellow, and are powder-coated, so they can be used outside. But they would be fun inside as well! I imagine if the products sell well, more colors might be added down the road.

Speaking of more colors, West Elm's adorable Bubble Ceramic Side Table now comes in Indigo Glaze and Emerald Crackle in addition to the standard white. If I had $129 burning a hole in my pocket I might buy one in all three colors. Almost every home can find a spot for a cute little garden seat/side table!

West Elm, if you are reading this, I would be happy to test one out for you.  :)


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  1. Oh my god, that table and chairs! I love the whole thing. Funny, I was just talking to one of the girls that helps me out with the AO blog about doing a post on wire furniture - perfect timing as this is beautiful inspiration (even if we can't get West Elm here sigh) ;) xxx


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