Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tinkering with our living room layout (part 2)

Thanks to everyone who voted on my living room layout options, and to those of you who made other suggestions. At your request, I have tried a couple more options.

Layout #4 uses just the larger part of our sectional, opposite our two chairs and side table in the same position they used to be. Then I set our new white bench on the end, across from the fireplace.

It's a very traditional layout, and I'm a fan. The bench doesn't quite fit on the rug (just barely the legs on one side), so that's making me feel a little uneasy, but maybe I'm overthinking it.

Visually, I think this layout is very appealing. We lived with it like this for several days, and we did miss three things about the full sectional. First, only one person could lie down to watch TV. Second, it was not as comfortable to sit together and watch TV, because both of our necks would be turned to the side. Not a huge deal, but just different than we're used to.

Layout #5 is just like our original layout, only we pulled the sectional out from the wall about 18 inches.

I know that pulling it out from the wall was supposed to help create more intimacy between each side of the room, and floating furniture often works. But in the case of the giant black blob, I think it just makes the sectional look more overpowering.

To review, here are all the layouts together:

(As you can see, my paint color photographs very differently depending on the time of day and the white balancing. And apparently I never edit it the same twice. Oops.)

Voting is open once again. Obviously things feel differently in person and our family will know what is most comfortable to us, but I am interested in your thoughts and any additional ideas! 



  1. This is my two sense. While you need the opening to invite you into the space, you've got the Tv up on the wall so , to watch, you need to be able to face it. Therein the dilemma lies. So leave your sofa as is and put a table behind it/throw over the back to break up the dark wall when you look at it. And I feel like you need something tall, like a plant or a hanging lamp at the end of the sofa to fill in the space and anchor it over there. And when the tv's off, you have your convo pit with chairs. Yay! Good Luck.

  2. I really do love option 4, but understand the issue with the TV viewing. Our couch in our family room is to the side of the TV, but we're usually propped up and stretched out while watching. I do like Shalagh's suggestion about a sofa table and throw over the back, which gives you more TV watching options. I guess I'm no help. I'm a Libra and it takes me FOREVER to make a decision! :-) Good luck with your beautiful room!
    All my best,
    Inky Deb

  3. I, honestly, think that your original lay out was the best. Its the best tv viewing option. A sofa table would be nice. I just like your original the best.

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  5. Aesthetically, I like Option 4 but practically, your original layout is probably the best!! Perhaps if you had something more comfortable than the bench in front of the telly (like this: http://media-cache-ec3.pinterest.com/upload/258253359852027120_8dU9Dm04_c.jpg) then you can stretch out on it to watch telly! xxx

  6. I found your blog today and I'm do glad I did!! I love it! Your style is beautiful!! I like the Original layout but with a throw over the back of the couch to soften it up.
    Can you tell me where your rug came from? I love it!

    1. I'm so glad you found me, and thanks for the compliment! I do need to look more seriously for a throw. Because my cats love to sit on throws, I need one that not only is pretty, but is also washable. It's amazing how many throws are dry clean only!

      The rug is by Dash & Albert. It's the Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Rug in Black/Ivory. I got mine online from Layla Grace. The rug comes in several colors, and it's reasonably priced for the size. If you're a member of flash sale sites, it comes up on those quite a bit. If not, let me know and I can send you links. It's very easy to clean, but it's also very lightweight, so it tends to want to bunch up. I have a rug pad underneath and I also added rug tape.

  7. Hi! I just want to say I've been pouring over your blog, I love your journey with your living room plans. We've been trying all to see how it works in our house. What did you ultimately decide on? All the options are great!! We are trying to decide on the two sofa, two chair, or one sectional two chair!!
    What size rug did you put there?

    1. Hi, Kay. We ended up going back to our original layout. It works best with the furniture we have and with how we use the room. I did add a throw to the back of the sofa as Chelle (see comment above) suggested, and that helped break up some of the heaviness of seeing the back of the sofa from the kitchen view.

      The size of our rug is 8.5 x 11 feet. I wouldn't use anything smaller in our room. Our last rug was just a little bigger (maybe 9 x 13?), which was perfect.

  8. Wow Thanks!! We also decided on the sectional! So thanks for the feedback!!


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