Friday, January 11, 2013

Will it be wallpaper?

Analysis paralysis. I can never seem to shake the sickness.

This time my dilemma is deciding whether to redo my master bathroom, our hallway powder room, or my laundry room. There's nothing wrong with the rooms, except that they are yawns. It's really just the walls that need help. Something bold will help wake them up, but what to do? Paint? Stencil? Wallpaper?

I've thought about a deep blue or charcoal paint for the powder room. Or chalk paint, where visitors could leave a message. (Would that be totally weird in the bathroom???) For the laundry room, I thought a geometric stencil might be fun, as long as it's a stencil that not everyone in blogland has already done. I have to be different, you know? In the master bathroom, the vanity area is separated from the shower/toilet area, so I could use wallpaper without it getting too steamy. Paint or tile are other options.

If money were no object, it would be wallpaper all the way for all three rooms! And if we weren't considering putting our house up for sale in two and a half years after The Teen graduates from high school, it would be wallpaper all the way for all three rooms! I've only used wallpaper in one room ever, which was the powder room in my last house. It was tone-on-tone green stripes, when I was in my green/brick red/buttery gold phase. (I thought using warm colors would make our home feel cozier, but it was never me. Back to cool colors I went!)

Here are some of the graphic wallpaper patterns I've been considering:

Above is a room designed by Emily Henderson on her show Secrets from a Stylist. She named the room style "Graphic Novel Antique Geek Chic." Love that. The wallpaper design is "All of Us" by Pottok Prints. I want to walk up close to the wall and get to know the little people. I want to give them each a name. Wouldn't you?

You know this classic pattern, right? It's the well-known hexagons by designer David Hicks. The room was designed by Victoria Thompson, and featured in Lonny's February/March 2010 issue. I'm into blue, but it comes in lots of colorways.

I'm amazed by the tribal-looking watercolor designs by Eskayel. They reproduce the hand-painted patterns on wallpaper, pillows, prints, baskets, scarves, rugs, and more. So pretty, and definitely not something you've seen a million times.

Completely opposite of Eskayel's soft designs are the in-your-face mosaic triangles by Minakani Lab. I'm a big fan of geometrics and also the mix of bold colors, whether the bright ones from Isabelle McAllister's daughter's room or the muted shades in the adult room. Minakani's wallpapers are bespoke -- they don't print by the roll, but to a client's specific wall dimensions. This pattern would be way too large for my tiny powder room or even my master bath vanity area, but it would be super-cool for my laundry room. However, I'm not willing to pay bespoke prices, especially considering it would be coming from France!

Do you love Thibaut's Tanzania wallpaper as much as I do?. It's very simple, and can be dressed up or down. Above are photos of designer/blogger Tiffany Richey's office. Clearly I'm already a fan of a dalmatian prints, as seen on my living room pillows.

Right now I'm smitten with this Ocean Depth Map design by Ravynka on Spoonflower. In addition to wallpaper, it can be purchased as fabric. If I don't order if for my walls, I just might have to order some fabric to make pillows, curtains, or a duvet cover. The movement, various colors of blue, and dimensionality of it are amazing.

Decisions, decisions. Clearly I'm leaning toward wallpaper but I doubt I'll be willing to fork over the cash to put it in all three rooms. The powder room is the leading choice because it wouldn't take many rolls of paper, and would make a big impact. The only problem is that the door to the bathroom is most always closed, and since my bedroom is the next room down, I usually use the master bathroom facilities instead. Maybe I'd be willing to change my routine if I had something pretty to look at!

Would you like to decide for me? Please? Are any of these up your alley, or am I off in my own world again?



  1. Oh man, so many good choices and completely relate. If you can only splurge on wallpaper in one room, go with the room you use the most or will get the most enjoyment from. You will be sorry to spend the money and then hardly see it! So that means the powder room is out. Use a funky stencil in there (I wish I could suggest a source but it's not something that's too popular here in the UK so I have to look to the US for that!). I would suggest wallpaper in the laundry room because it's the most mundane task and it might actually make you look forward to doing laundry, having the excuse to be in there and enjoy how pretty the room is!

    Of your choices (I love them all for different reasons), I fell in love with this paper in Lonny: and it most closely resembles the one from Spoonflower so it's definitely a favourite. You might want to see if you can get paper and do it like that instead, it might be cheaper? And then you can splurge on the master bath as well ;)

    I love the large geographic but I think because it's such a large scale print, it would work better in a large room rather than a small one.

    That's my take! Not sure if that helps but there ya go lol xxx

  2. I like large scale design. Yes even in small rooms. Small scale pattern contained in a Large frame would be fabulous too.Good way to try it out when it's so expensive anyway. And yes, that marine water map looking fabric is too cool. Good luck.

  3. i'd stay away from the triangle wallpaper design, they'd just become too opressing after a while for me. i'm a huge fan of the blue bathroom wallpaper though


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