Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crushing on baker's twine

What is it about this simple colored string that makes me giddy?

The Twinery

I love wrapping gifts. Usually I'm so obsessive about it during the holidays that as soon as I purchase a gift, I must wrap it right away. This year I've decided to wrap in batches instead, for efficiency's sake, but my pile of unwrapped gifts is making me twitch a bit.

I've been using kraft paper for wrapping the past couple years, and this year I decided to pair it up with baker's twine instead of my usual colored ribbons. Since I like to decorate with blue and red for the holidays (well, for EVERY day!), I have a spool of baker's twine on hand in both colors. Of course, a rainbow of colors would make me even happier, but that's a bit of an investment for someone who doesn't do much wrapping outside the holidays.

Allora Handmade

Simple Blueprint

Laura Elise Crafted

Usually you wouldn't refer to baker's twine as glam or elegant. But I beg to differ with this black and gold glitter twine. Had to include this beauty shot for my girl Kimberly of Swoonworthy. It would only be more appropriate for her if the twine were leopard-printed.

Knot and Bow via Etsy

We have our first, and largest, holiday gift exchange this weekend, so I've got some major wrapping to do tomorrow. Before then, I have a craft project on my list that I hope will make my gift recipients happy even before they open their packages. I'll be sure to share, whether it's a win or a bust!



  1. Bakers Twine love here too.
    Love your ideas for wrapping. I decorate with red and blue too.

  2. Hahaha!! Love it!!! Awww cheers baby for thinking of me with that gorgeous glam twine, it's amazing! Man they so need to come out with leopard print, I'd be all over that like a hot rash ;) Your pressies are going to look gorgeous! I'm doing my wrapping this weekend as well! The cats better stay well clear, I'm dangerous with a hot glue gun ;) xxx

  3. I've got the twitch too. Nicely presented post pictures! I'm with the red and white bakers twine, kraft, music, sparkly, and natural whatever this year. Take those pictures. I will too.


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