Monday, November 19, 2012

Crushing on Monaco Blue - part 3, velvet sofas

Designer Emily Henderson put me on the blue velvet sofa train. Blue is her color, and one of her favorite ways to use it is with velvet fabric on a sofa. There's something about blue velvet that elevates even the plainest or slouchiest of sofas, don't you think?

Designer Emily Henderson's living room

Designer Todd Romano's Manhattan apartment

Source unknown

via Houzz

Source unknown
Source unknown

via Apartment Therapy

If velvet wasn't a high-maintenance fabric, it would totally be on my wish list. Tell me I'm not the only one crushing on blue velvet sofas.



  1. You are totally not the only one!!! Gah, it's bloody gorgeous! xxx

  2. The color of the sofa is very important. It’s usually on this level that it connects to the rest of the decor. If you’re not sure where exactly will the sofa be used or if it will remain there forever, it would be best to opt for a neutral color that would work in a variety of different spaces and decors.

  3. Hey Hollie, Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Everything is looking so amazing. I was looking for some new ideas for redecorate my home and I'm so glad that I found your blog. I've found an another website for fabrics, you might be interested in using for your furniture dressings. Thanks for allowing me post my reviews.


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