Thursday, November 22, 2012

Guest posting for "Dreamy Dwelling" series at It's Overflowing

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! While my Sweet Potatoes Caramel are cooking, I wanted to pop in and let you know that I'm guest posting today at It's Overflowing.

Its Overflowing – Simply Inspired Home Living

Aimee invited me to participate in her "Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour" series, which is super-exciting, and such an honor! Even for those of you who have seen every photo I've ever shared of my house, there's a brand new photo at the very end. You'll just have to check it out to see what it is!

By the way, if you aren't familiar with It's Overflowing, you definitely need to check out Aimee's blog. She has awesome photography tips, and her blog photos are always so light and bright and clear. She's got lots of other great DIYs, recipes, organization tips, and more.  She also has one of my favorite link parties, called "Totally Overflowing with Creativity" on Saturdays at 7pm her time.

If you're just visiting It's Overflowing for the first time, let her know you came over from I'm Busy Procrastinating! And you can leave me comments about the last photo here at my blog. :)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Living room pillow evolution

Anyone who is interested in design would admit that her tastes evolve over time. Even just living here for five years, my rooms have changed over and over. If you ask The Mr., what has changed the most is our living room pillows.

I just got some new pillows for my sofa, and I'm very excited about them! I purchased them from the Etsy shop Kassapanola. I asked Agnes, the shop owner, to make mine 20 inches square, rather than her usual 18 inches. Lucky for me she had a little bit of the Togo Dots fabric left, as it's been discontinued.

The black and white pattern is another step in my quest to tie my white kitchen in with the large black blob (aka sofa) in my living room. The white background also helps as I continue to try to brighten up the room.

Want to take a walk through time as I examine my pillow choices over the past five years?

When we first moved in, my decorating tastes leaned toward a coastal look, with soft blues and browns. I used these crewel circle pillows from Target for a while, paired with the same silky light blue pillows you'll see throughout all my living room photos below.
 I bought those when we had our old sofa in the living room, with a beige slipcover on it. My first attempt at bringing bright colors into the living room resulted in the matrix-like pillows below.

They were cute when I viewed them on Etsy, but they didn't really class up the place once in my living room.

Side note: Artwork sure did change the room, huh? Next I purchased these pillows by Bobby Berk on Fab. At the time I wanted to bring in pops of red, but they were never my favorite in there either.

Apparently I never even took a photo with them on the sofa! After that I found these Palm Springs pillows by RoomService on Gilt. They help bring out the coral in the painting over the sofa, and I'm a sucker for a geometric pattern.

Next I swapped out the plain blue pillows I'd had forever with these reversible blue and white Hot Springs pillows by Xavier&Me, purchased on Fab.

They're brighter than the blue silk pillows I'd had on the sofa forever, which helped the coral geometric pillows pop. Once I added the black and white Togo Dots pillows, I brought the blue silk pillows back and moved the Hot Springs pillows to the gray club chairs across the room.

I'm sure I'll do some switching around again before too long (don't tell The Mr.), but for now I need your opinion. Do you like option 1, with the Palm Springs pillow in the corner, best? Or do you prefer option 2, without the corner pillow? I could also put a blue silk pillow in the corner, so I guess that's option 3.

Option 1

Option 2

 Please let me know what you think. And tell me I'm not the only one who buys new pillows every few months!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Crushing on Monaco Blue - part 3, velvet sofas

Designer Emily Henderson put me on the blue velvet sofa train. Blue is her color, and one of her favorite ways to use it is with velvet fabric on a sofa. There's something about blue velvet that elevates even the plainest or slouchiest of sofas, don't you think?

Designer Emily Henderson's living room

Designer Todd Romano's Manhattan apartment

Source unknown

via Houzz

Source unknown
Source unknown

via Apartment Therapy

If velvet wasn't a high-maintenance fabric, it would totally be on my wish list. Tell me I'm not the only one crushing on blue velvet sofas.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crushing on Monaco Blue - part 2, walls

Ready for more Monaco Blue? Last time I told you how I'm crushing on Pantone's color for spring 2013. Bold blue isn't a color for sissies, especially on a big surface like walls. It takes commitment! But look at what an impact a bold blue wall can make:

Tracy Murdock


Designer Todd Romano's Manhattan apartment
Source unknown

House to Home

Designer Todd Romano via Alicia B. Designs

The Inspired Room

Source unkown

Apartment Therapy

Elle Decor

I don't know about you, but I'm inspired to pick up a paint brush! I've been thinking about something different for my powder room, laundry room or a guest bedroom. I asked The Mr. if he would be upset if I decided to paint a room. He asked if his opinion really matters. I guess he's figured out the drill. :)

Would you consider walls in Monaco Blue or a similar bold blue hue?


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Did Kate Middleton inspire Pantone to choose Monaco Blue as their color of spring 2013?

We all know that blue is the color of royalty, right? Certainly Kate Middleton knows that, as she seems to wear that color more than any other.

Since she's the ultimate "it girl" these days, I'm beginning to think that her stunning engagement dress inspired Pantone's color of spring 2013, Monaco Blue.

Does anyone else notice a resemblance???

I think we can all agree that the Duchess of Cambridge has impeccable fashion sense. Of course, every designer in the world would love to put her in their clothes, and she can afford whatever she wants. But even when she's wearing jeans and a simple top, she makes it look good ... even royal. Yes, pun intended.

Here are some of the other ways she's showed us all up, wearing blue.

Wow ... it would be amazing to have access to her wardrobe. Wouldn't that be fun?!

So who's with me in thinking Duchess Kate inspired Pantone's choice of Monaco Blue?


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crushing on Monaco Blue - part 1

Tangerine Tango is so last year. Monaco Blue is the new thing, named as Pantone's color of spring 2013. Whether you voted red or blue in the U.S. presidential election last week, I hope we can all agree that these examples of blue decor are winners!

Rue Magazine

Apartment Therapy

McKinley Architects

Source unknown

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

Designer Miles Redd

Designer Lindsay Carol Harper

via theKitchn

Are you a fan? I love the many shades of blue, so I'll be sharing more blue designs I'm crushing on soon!

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