Monday, October 8, 2012

Wall baskets for kitty storage?

Most of you have seen the wall baskets I use in my bathroom to store towels and washcloths.  In fact, that is my most popular post, thanks to Pinterest, and many of you probably found your way here because of it.

Last week I was putting away laundry, passing through my bathroom.  My cat Gypsy jumped up on the toilet and right into the largest basket, which was empty.

Your lesson today is that wall baskets can be used for linen storage, or for kitty storage.  Isn't it great when things are multi-purpose?  Ha ha.  Now pin that.  :)



  1. hahaha Hollie! cats are such funny creatures! :)

    I've often wanted to build some wall shelves/ramps just for the cats, but I don't want to me known as the crazy cat lady.

    have a great week!

  2. Lol! Your cat Gypsy looks just like my first cat Kiddy. She had a knack for curling up in unusual places too, like my mom's stack on Gourmet magazines on the pantry shelf, on top of a trellis when the Wisteria was in full bloom or the fruit basket on the kitchen table. My favorite was when she would lounge on one of our drain pipes with her front feet hanging down.

  3. That is so cute! I can imagine my cats doing the same, they have a knack of wanting to curl up in anything, as long as it´s not their own pillows or baskets.

  4. ha! that's fabulous. cats crack me up...and at least we now know the weight that can hold!

  5. Love the photo op. Beautiful cat! Good to see your rigging was strong enough to hold at least ten pounds.

  6. Hahaha! My cats find some rather strange places to hang out (plant pots, stair railing, etc) so totally understand this one! Love it! x

  7. That is too cute! Mine is always right in the middlw of whatever I'm doing!

  8. What are the dimensions of the largest and smallest basket? How did you secure them to the wall? This is a great idea and I am ready to go basket shopping!

  9. Nevermind - I see the post! :)


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