Monday, October 15, 2012

Marble end table for the living room

Remember when I asked for your vote on two end table options for my living room? Against popular opinion, I decided on the marble-topped tulip table instead of the 2-tiered vintage table.

Why, you ask?  Mainly for balance.
  1. Its round shape helps to balance out the many angles in the room.
  2. Since I already have a couple pieces of painted wood furniture in the room, it's good to mix the materials rather than bringing in another of the same.
  3. The table's light color and airy shape balance out the dark, heavy shape of the club chairs that flank it.
  4. I wanted to link the kitchen with the living room, since they are open to each other.  Since my cabinets are white and my perimeter counters are Carrara marble, this table is a perfect companion.
Plus, I have been crushing on tulip tables for a few years now but a full-size one would not quite work for our dining room space, so this is my way to fulfill my tulip table fantasy!

Here are a few more shots of the table in the room:


And, as a reminder, here's what the other side of the room looks like. See why I need more round shapes? Angles, angles, everywhere.

I know it's not the choice that everyone would have made, but it made the most sense to me, for my space. If you're utterly disappointed and were looking forward to seeing what I would have done with the 2-tier vintage table, do not despair. I'm currently working on a makeover for it. If it turns out as I hope, perhaps it will be the first piece I try to sell!

Have you made any unpopular choices for your own home decor?



  1. I have old tulip tables and I love the circle theme in my living room.I was thinking,"Hmm,she put a lamp on it" and then "Where's that lampcord?" Your cats are perfect props too.

    1. It used to annoy me that magazine photos never showed cords. Then I realized how much they detract from photos. In this case, I hid the cord for purposes of the photo, so it wasn't distracting. Somehow a cat ends up in at least one of my photos when I'm shooting a room. I like seeing pets in photos, so I don't mind that they photo bomb mine. :)

  2. I voted for the tulip table despite popular opinion!! Yay! I love it, I think it works fabulously in the room! I just love all that soft turquoise as well... the room just gets betterer and betterer!! And yeah, people poo-poo'd my bright pink chandelier but sometimes you just gotta do what ya wanna do - it's your home and you're the one who has to live with it, so if makes you happy, go for it ;) xxx

  3. I think the table looks great, and the lamp is great, but I'm not sure that they work together. The lamp seems too much for that table for me, and with it slightly off-center it keeps making me think the table is going to tip. But don't listen to me. Your house looks FABULOUS, and I have much to learn from your blog!

    1. No worries ... the table won't tip! The base is heavy enough that it's sturdy. What I'm not very good about is styling. I forgot all about creating a vignette on the table before I took the photos -- I just took them with the table as-is. Oops! That might have helped alleviate the lamp looking weird not being in the center.


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