Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun finds: Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern is one of the most recent daily flash sale sites I've stumbled upon.  While you know I also love Fab for modern items that are funky and often irreverent, Touch of Modern tends to have more classy modern items.

Here are a couple fascinating items I came across today:

What is that, you ask?  No, it's not a pan with flour.  It's called the Tabletime Clock.  Other than sundials, I've never come across a clock that lies flat.  Here's the description from Touch of Modern:

Tabletime is a clock that shapes itself by the passage of time. Since it is looking for the most efficient way to move itself through the matter, Tabletime will create an organic form by the slow repetitive movement of time. Time is slightly visible when the clock starts running, but after a few days it excavates itself out of the matter and time will appear. From then on the clock slowly starts creating it's organic form in which it will find it's ideal shape. When you want to forget time, merely shake Tabletime and it will start over again with finding it's way out.

Intrigued?  Here's another view:

It looks a bit like the cookie dough I was just rolling out a few minutes ago.  Only it's not.  Other biology geeks like me might appreciate this next item.  It's called the Ventricle Vessel.  Yes, ventricle as in a heart.

Here's the description from Touch of Modern:

The heart is the most powerful human organ, and designer Eva Milinkovic’s stunning piece exuberantly depicts its beauty and complexity. Multicolored and curvaceous, the Ventricle Vessel is the ultimate centerpiece. Due to it’s hand blown nature, rest-assured that each variation was thoughtfully made with passion.

Usually I'm not that into glass vases/sculptures, but this one amazes me.  It comes in several sizes, but I couldn't get away with spending that much ... especially since I'm not longer bringing in much of a paycheck!

Click on this link to check out Touch of Modern.  You can thank me later.  :)


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  1. Oh my god, that clock is just mad! Oooh I love science even though I was rubbish at it in High School lol xxx


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