Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun finds: The Nate Berkus Collection at Target

It seems like forever ago that I first heard that Nate Berkus would have a collection coming to Target in the fall.  So long ago that I forgot all about it until I saw a TV spot this weekend about the launch. I guess Target learned from the Missoni debacle that they don't need to advertise for weeks on end leading up to the launch.

Unfortunately I've been in bed sick all week; just today I ventured out into the fresh air and sunshine, but only because I had to. I had actually forgotten about the Nate Berkus decor at Target but was looking for pillow forms (which they don't sell at Target, BTW) and spotted the Nate endcap down the aisle. It was the black and white chevron urns below that first caught my eye, since I hadn't seen anything like them at Target before.


I thought these decorative tortoise shells were neat, but couldn't figure out where I'd put one.

Who doesn't like a decorative box?

I didn't realize there were bath linens, bedding, window treatments or rugs. Oops -- I'll have to check those out next time!  Here's what ended up in my cart:

The black lampshade, white urchin (it also comes in gold) and gold hammered bowl are from Nate's collection.  The tall black vases on the left are from Target's in-house Threshhold brand (which is the renamed Target Home brand). They were on clearance, and I had to snatch them up.

When I buy spur-of-the-moment, I rarely have an idea where the items will go, so I'll figure that out and return whatever I don't find a use for. Whatever I keep, I'm sure you'll see in some upcoming room photos!

If you're interested in purchasing some of Nate's items but can't make it to your store, many of them are available at Target online.

Let me know if you score some Nate decor yourself!



  1. I bought the white turtle shell last night. I have no idea where it's going but I had to have it since my husband used to collect sea turtle stuff when he was a kid. I figured it's an updated more chic version of a turtle stuffed animal. I wanted the little gold pot but thought I'd wait to search for it when it goes on sale. I love Target :)


    I just had to say that in case they were listening. And I love your choices.

    And thank you for the comment about the logs! I knew you'd approve ;) I was looking at that post when I was looking for some feedback on the room and noticed that I've actually adopted a number of your ideas into that room without fully realising!! You are more than welcome to comment as much as you like, you always seem to take my vague ideas & make them so much more concrete! Love it, thanks hun ;) xxx


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