Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Crushing on: Benches

I have space in my living room to add a long bench under my front windows.  It would provide for extra seating when we host large gatherings.  I haven't decided whether I'm going to buy one, build one, or repurpose one.  I'd love to bring more color to that side of the room, but I'm still open to more neutral options.

Since I'm supposed to be getting some work done right now, I decided to explore bench options instead.  Yep, I am still a procrastination queen.

As you know, benches come in wood, metal, upholstery, and everything in between.  Upholstery (other than something wipe-able like leather) is out of the question due to my kitty friends.  Since I have a blend of modern, industrial, and traditional in my house, many different styles would blend in nicely.  Here are a few benches I like in wood or leather.

Carey Bench by Luxo by Modloft

Teak Wood Metal Bench in Natural, by CG Sparks

Hand-Carved Wooden Natural Edge Bench

Handcrafted Metal Wood Bench by Woodland Imports

Florence Knoll Bench
Nelson Platform Bench with Metal Legs, by George Nelson for Herman Miller

Andalucia Modern White Leather Bench

I'm totally into metal furniture, as you'll see by these examples.  The first one is actually from the same line as my coffee table.

Amici Indoor Bench by Nuevo

Hive Bench by Arktura (comes in multiple colors)

Botanist Albero Bench by Orange 22 (comes in lots of colors)
Botanist Lines Bench by Orange 22 (comes in lots of colors)
Botanist Pixel Burst Bench by Orange 22 (comes in lots of colors)

Coral Bench (comes in multiple colors)

Pattern Rectangular Bench (comes in multiple colors)

Son of a Bench by Blu Dot

Now you might think I'm nuts, but I was also looking at commercial-grade player benches (you know, the ones used at an athletic field) and park benches.  Hey, they come in lots of colors and sizes!

Standard Expanded Metal Player Commercial Grade Bench with No Back (comes in lots of colors)

Portable Player Bench without Back (comes in lots of colors)
Oakley Straight-Slatted Metal Backless Bench by Witt (comes in multiple colors)

Oakley Curve-Slatted Metal Backless Bench by Witt (comes in multiple colors)

I've also been considering DIYing a bench.  I came across this one by blogger Christina Diaz several months ago.  I love all the colors, of course!

If I don't end up buying one instead, I may elicit the help of master woodworker Gail of My Repurposed Life to help me build one.  She knows her way around saws and a Kreg Jig!

Okay, now it's your turn to weigh in.  Do you like any of the benches I featured?  Am I crazy for considering a player bench or park bench for my living room?  Any other ideas??



  1. I like the Nelson and the Botanist. And yes, anything that you DIYed from claimed wood and recycled bits would be awesome. And now, I want a bench in my window because I too have the room. Although vent in floor makes husband twitch if I move things above. Must have airflow. Ergo, benches with holes/slats. Good Luck.

  2. I love benches too, and recently realized that the longish-low mid-century coffee tables are frequently the right size to become a bench. I have a Lane coffee table that has some water damage to the top, but I love the legs and the lines of it. To salvage it, I'm going to cover the top with leather-look upholstery fabric and nail-head trim around the edges. With freshly painted legs it'll look great. My mom has first dibs to put it under a window in her living room. And it will double as extra seating when the whole gang comes over.
    I also have a very tacky looking mid-century Mediterranean-style coffee table with a solid base, and chunky turned-wood legs that hold up the top. The ends are open and the center closed section has doors. With contemporary paint and a cushion on top it will look great and be very practical at the foot of the bed. It would also work in an entry as the bottom section of a "mudroom" set up.
    As to the athletic benches... when schools, colleges, or city parks build or upgrade facilities frequently the old benches will be offered for sale, or sometimes just thrown away. If you can snag one of the metal benches it can be cut to the length you want. The legs can be repositioned or replaced to suit your needs.
    Just thought I'd toss those ideas out there. Give you something else to think about and research so you can be productive while you procrastinate! :-)

  3. The Cary Bench and the Florence Knoll bench are my favourites - I just think they look inviting to prop your bum down for a good chat! The Hive and Coral benches are stunning but I think I'd be afraid to sit on them, they are just too pretty ;) xxx


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