Friday, September 28, 2012

This week

Here's a pictorial glimpse into some things going on with me the past week.

Volunteering with The Teen's high school marching band, and watching them perform.

Any idea what is covering my sofa?
Well, yes, there was Pepper snoozing.  She blends in with the black sofa from afar.

All those white things are marching band gloves.  About 100 pairs.  I washed them, then laid them out to dry,
matched them up by number, then laid them out in the storage container in numerical order.

Yesterday was my last day at my job.  I left after almost a year as a contractor.
A very nice co-worker knows I love Sixlets, so she left me this surprise.  Thanks, Tammy!

When I got home, I had to de-mouse our grill.  This is the second time
Mr. (or Mrs.?) Mouse decided it was a cozy place to nest.

Stopped by Target for the first time in a while last night.
Came across this quirky line of dinnerware in such fun colors and designs.

Here's more.  It's from The Curiosity Shoppe,
a San Francisco company with a limited-time feature at Target. 

Now that I'm not going in to work any more, today is the first day of the next chapter of my life.  I've got lots of projects to get to, including an eventual blog redesign.  I have lists upon lists of things I want to get to, now it's up to me to push myself to get them done.  I'm a procrastinator, you know!  Hopefully you're hear from me more often starting next week.  Hmm ... what to get started on first ....



  1. That sounds really exciting lots to look forward to I'm sure!

  2. How exciting for you. I too am poised for a blog redesign and too many projects. Can't wait to see and share.

  3. I'm the jerk that's here to point out that it's technically next week and I have certain blog update expectations/needs. Any sneak peeks? :) I suppose you deserve 7 calendars days in your new found freedom, but then the clock starts ticking.

    1. I wish I was doing something more exciting this week than cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. I'm hosting a baby shower on Saturday. Well, I have started some baking. I'll share baby shower info next week. Until then, back to cleaning toilets. :)


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