Sunday, September 2, 2012

Round mirrors bring some shine to the living room mantel

I mentioned about a month ago that I was having trouble decorating around my mantel.  I was flipping through a catalog and found some mirrors that I thought might fix my problem.  I cut out some kraft paper into circles the same size as the mirrors I liked, to make sure I liked the layout on the wall.  Remember, The Teen asked me why I had tortillas on the wall?

I have substituted the "tortillas" for the real mirrors.  I'm very pleased with the new look!

What do I like?  Well, they bring some shine to a room that doesn't get much direct light.  They fill the space around the TV just perfectly.  And they bring some much-needed curves to a room full of mostly rectangles.

If you're a fan of the mirrors, there are two styles you can choose from.  Mine are the Kieran Wall Mirror from Home Decorators Collection.  The mirrors I first came across in a catalog are the Bellesol Mirror from Ballard Designs.  I ordered both to test which one I preferred.  It turns out that they are the EXACT same mirror, except that the Bellesol has some antiquing, while the Kieran does not.  Everything else about then is literally the exact same.  And they're priced just about the same, too.  I ended up going with the Kieran because I preferred them all bright and shiny, without the antiquing.  They don't look all that glamorous on the HDC site, but they are really nice in person, and look much more expensive than they are.

I'm happy to have one more project done in the living room.  Getting close to having this room finished!  Coming soon I'll let you know which end table I chose to use for the left side of the room.



  1. Oooh yep, I like these!! The round shapes set off the telly nicely :) Also, I'm totally in love with that little colourful cushion. Sigh. May need to get one of those myself lol xxx

  2. Do you find your eyes being attracted to them while you are tring to watch television?

    1. I see them up there, but they're not distracting.


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