Saturday, August 25, 2012

End table options for the living room

Updates to the living room continue.  Next up is a decision on a second end table.  The round modern wood table seen between the two gray chairs below has been in that spot, then moved across the room to sit at the end of the sofa, and back again.  Several times.

Today it's back at the end of the sofa, near the new white and turquoise bookcase.  It's small enough that it doesn't compete with the bookcase, and I like the natural wood color next to the modern painted bookcase. You can just barely see it in the photo below.

Now that one end table is set in its more permanent home, we need something for the opposite side of the room, between the gray chairs.

Option 1:  Vintage two-tier table

Unlike the round table, which was purchased new around three years ago, the two-tier table needs A LOT of work!  I still can't believe my persnickety self let it reside in its ugly state in our living room for a year.  It's not real wood, so unfortunately I can't sand and paint it.  I think a solid paint color would be too boring for this table, so I was thinking of covering it with a graphic wallpaper, wrapping paper, or contact paper.  I've also been considering painting a graphic pattern on it.

It's been in the room for about a year now, switching places back-and-forth with the round wood table.  Here it is at the end of the sofa earlier this summer.

This table has two drawbacks.  The first is that I already have a lot of graphics in the room, so probably the last thing I need is another!  The second is that it's very rectangular, and every other piece of furniture in the room is also a rectangle.

Option 2:  Mid-century tulip table with white base and marble top

I've been eyeing this table for about a year.  I'm a big fan of Saarinen tables, especially those with a white/gray marble top and a white base.  My perimeter counters in my kitchen are Carrara marble, and my cabinets are white, so this table could be a nice way of tying the kitchen into the living room, since the two rooms are open to each other.  I also like the idea of adding a different type of material/finish to the living room, versus another painted wood piece.  Lastly, the round shape would be a good foil for all the angles in the room.  The only drawback for me is the price.  This particular table costs a little more than I wanted to spend, and I haven't been able to find anything comparable.

What do you think?  Do you like option 1 or option 2?  Why?



  1. I like the two tiered table. Not that I have any design sense at all. It appears to be more practical - space for a lamp as well as space for something else on the lower tier. And I must admit, I'd be interested to see what you did with it. And I don't think there is any such thing as too many graphics!

    1. I agree with Jesster on the two-tiered table option, AND that there is no such thing as too many graphics. Your pattern mixing has worked so far; go for it! There are certainly good design arguments against the rectangular piece and for the round piece, but I don't think this round table is the *one*.

  2. I quite like the tulip table myself (here I go again, though - I typically always like the more expensive options - not because I'm any kind of design snob, I just seem to have champagne taste with a beer budget. Not the best combo really.) But the reason I like the round table is for exactly the reason you have pointed out. You need to introduce more curves in a room with lots of angles. Abigail Ahern talked about it on her blog & explained it all so much better ( - the flow of a room looks nicer when you introduce curves and it's exactly why I chose an oval coffee table rather than a square one. So maybe if there's a third option (Craigs List? eBay?) that you can paint a small round table or maybe cover in a map print of some sort (just thinking the colours in a map might work well in your room)? Don't worry about introducing another print - as long as you stick to a limited palette, layering pattern looks amazing and adds interest to a room. Go for it.

    Sorry I rambled there a bit but I am loving the direction this room is going, it's just looking better and better every time I see it :) xxx

  3. I like Option 1, the elevation of the lamp is pretty neat and the two-tier design gives you a little more space to work with. It will be nice to see how you paint it and add designs to it!

  4. this looks like a laminate piece. you can paint laminate, sand lightly, prime and paint. there is a paint out there called Cabinet Rescue just for laminates and other surfaces. I read about it on Mobile Home Living blog. there are also all sorts of trims that would add to the flat/plain appearance of your piece. hope this helps.


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