Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bookends and garden stool from flash sale site LuxeYard

LuxeYard is one of the newer flash sale sites I've come across.  They seem to have lots of items I don't see at other sites.  Here are a couple I just couldn't resist this week. 

Ceramic Mermaid Bookends by Charming Accessories for Any Space

Imperial Ceramic Stool by Glamour House

I'm a sucker for beachy items and anything turquoise, so the mermaid bookends had to be mine.  I realized when I was trying to do some styling this week that I don't own any bookends, so how could I pass them up?  Ha ha.

I was totally stoked about the price for the garden stool.  I don't know why those things are so expensive!  This one was reduced from $199 to $69, with shipping costs of less than $7.  They have tons of other garden stools on their site, so if you're interested, just do a search for "stool."

In addition to home decor and furniture, LuxeYard also sells fashion and accessories.  Check 'em out!

When the items arrive, I'll be sure to show you where they're going to live in my home.



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