Sunday, August 19, 2012

Before blogging: Whitewashed nightstand-turned-side table

I almost feel silly posting this because you might think it's totally lame.  But I have an update coming soon to something in this shot, so I thought I better share this now.

Back in the day, there was a twin bed set that I believe my father-in-law used as a kid.  Many years later, he passed it down for our son to use.  Once a Teen, our dear son decided he was "too long" for a twin bed, so he switched to the queen bed that used to be in our guest bedroom.  That meant the twin bed set went to the guest bedroom instead.  Since I'm not a fan of a matchy-matchy bedroom suite, or the outdated oak stain on this one, I decided to break up the set and give it a different treatment.

I thought I had a before photo somewhere, but since I wasn't a do-it-and-share-it blogger at the time, I probably don't.  So here's the after.  It's a formerly-ugly-oak nightstand that was whitewashed and currently lives in living room, just next to our front door, as a side table.

If you've seen my other furniture makeovers, you know I'm not a whitewashing kind of gal.  I don't use chalk paint, and I don't distress things.  I like a clean, smooth, modern finish.  But remember -- I was in my beachy phase, and this felt very beachy.

Want to know what technique I used?  It's called primer.  Yep, I was planning to paint this some color that I can't even remember now, so I brushed on some primer.  (This was before I had a paint sprayer.)  After it dried, I decided that I liked it as-is, with the whitewashed look.  So there you are, folks.  It's a coat of primer.  Snazzy, huh?

That's why I felt so silly sharing it.  Everyone who has seen it in person all these years probably thinks it's ugly, but I liked it.  About a year ago, I decided to paint it coral.  One of the paint companies was giving away quarts of paint for some promotion, so I ordered some coral paint and eagerly awaited its arrival via mail.  By the time it arrived, I was re-thinking which piece in my living room to paint coral, as I had another side table that needed a paint job as well.  As time went on, I decided that turquoise would be my main "pop" color for the living room, so I decided to hold off on the coral for the time being.

As you can see, I have a coral-colored rock/gem/what-do-you-call-that? sitting on top of the table for now. I'm still deciding whether I want to keep this table in the living room, and if I did, what color it should be.  Or whether I want to replace it with something and move it up to the guest bedroom to use as an actual nightstand.  What I like about it is that it fits well in the narrow space between my front door and my front windows.  What I don't like about it is that I'd like it to be a little taller.  I guess the decision will be made in the next 2-3 months, since I'm moving along on my living room makeover.

What is your vote for this little table?



  1. If it isn't functioning for you (too short), maybe it would be better suited as a nightstand and you could find something more useful for that space? I like the idea of turquoise!

  2. Before I even read it, I was thinking taller. So taller it must be. I am so over my own underlying "make do" motto for furniture. I'm with Heather. Yeah for a pop of turquoise there. Which could even mean a turquoise wall hanging behind the new tall piece. Good Luck.

  3. Hollie,

    I'm thinking it would look great with a turquoise (primer) whitewash. hahaha

    It's a shame it's too short... it's so cute!


  4. I reckon taller as well although wondering if you can't just replace the legs on it and make it work? In terms of colour - I'm not a white wash person either (or shabby, chippy, chalky as it goes) but I think a coat of primer is a pretty damn good way to work the look! lol Anyway, as you are looking to repaint it anyway, I'm thinking replace the legs and then paint a different accent colour than turquoise - possibly the tomato red in your cushions/foo dog? Could be a fun pop of unexpected colour :) xxx


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