Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another living room switcheroo coming up

Just over a year ago I did a bit of a switcheroo with the cabinet to the right of our living room fireplace.  I wasn't feeling the espresso-stained, glass-front cabinet, and moved in a mid-century modern chest in its place.  Not only do I love MCM furniture, but also with it being up on legs, it felt a little airier in the space.

Fast-forward to today, and while the MCM chest, the sofa and the coffee table are the same, just about everything else has changed.

Since I have a problem keeping anything the same for long, it must be time to switch out the chest again!  And whaddaya know, I'm bringing back the glass-front cabinet.  Only it will look very different!  Any guesses as to what I'm doing to it?



  1. looks great! i love the combo of the wood, the table...sometimes i can't get past the years of being drilled how everything should match! great job.

  2. will it be painted teal? love how much lighter the room gets with each change!

  3. Love the rug!! The chest and rug combined looks so modern.


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