Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To paint or not to paint?

As obsessed as many of us are with great painted pieces, there has to be a decision made as to whether a piece needs paint, or would be better left alone.

Since it's been a long while since I've done a new painting project (my "before blogging" series doesn't count because those projects were done 1.5-3 years ago), I am eager to get something done.  I had spray primer and spray paint in hand, along with this breakfast tray, but then I stopped.

I'm not sure that I really want to paint it.  Would it be sleek in lipstick-red like the glossy side table in my bedroom? Well, yes.  Would it be fun to paint a geometric pattern on the top?  Well, yes.  But should it be left alone?  I don't know.

I need your advice.  What do you recommend?



  1. Enjoy it like it is!
    Barb from memphis

  2. paint it, it's begging to be pimped out.

  3. I agree that a happy, hot, shiny red would be fun, BUT in the case, I agree that leaving this little cutie
    as original is the better choice.

  4. I love the bamboo, what about just painting the woven top insert? I was thinking black or white.

  5. I think if you have the perfect place for it in its current state, then just leave it. If not, then go ahead and paint it. Maybe just a design on the top in some neutral colors that would complement the bamboo on the rest? Can't wait to see what you decide:)

  6. It has a lot of potential- I think paint it if you have a specific place for it in your home that adding color would be helpful. Maybe just paint the frame and leave the top natural? Or vice versa?

  7. Agree with Heather - if you have somewhere in mind for it where it looks wonderful in it's current state, then leave it! But if not, and you need a punch of colour, then paint away. Of course, you could always live with it as it is for now - you may realise that not painting it was the right choice after all xxx

  8. If the paint would not chip with use....

  9. Paint it. Red sounds great but it mustard yellow could be fun too.


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