Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ordinal furniture round-up

A little while back I shared with you the first in my "before blogging series," an ugly commercial lateral file cabinet that I painted to mimic Anthropologie's Ordinal Dresser. Here's my "Ordinal File Cabinet": 

If you missed it the first time around, you can see details here

I've been tracking other examples of knockoffs, as I love seeing what direction other people went with it.  Here's a round-up of everything I've come across.  (Click the links at the bottom of each photo to go to the original projects.)

Too Much Time on My Hands

East Coast Creative
(formerly The Real Housewives of Orange County)

Red Hen Home

Technically these next examples are Cardinal, not Ordinal (do you remember the difference?), but they're just as good!

Proverbs 31 Girl

Love at Home
Classy Clutter

The Lettered Cottage

Jilly & Mia

The one below is my favorite.  She used metal house numbers instead of painting them on.  I like the pulls too.

Cozy. Cottage. Cute

This last example is not a knockoff, but the real thing.  However, it's used in an unusual way, so I wanted to feature it here.  The Ordinal Dresser was installed as a bathroom vanity cabinet.  The homeowner cut a hole for the sink and faucet, and polyurethaned the metal top to keep it from rusting.  Love it!

The Handmade Home

Are you a fan of the original?  Which is your favorite knockoff?  And do tell me if I missed one ... I'm sure there are lots of others out there!.


P.S.  I know some of the spacing is weird in this post.   I wish Blogger was easier to use in that aspect.  Am I the only one whose spacing looks totally normal in the editing window, but when you preview or post it, the spacing gets all wonky?  HTML is not my favorite, and it's getting late, so I decided to go with it as-is.  My OCD might kick in while I'm sleeping and give me nightmares as punishment.


  1. These are all such fun pieces of furniture! Your ordinal file cabinet is in great company!

    I don't have kids but oh my goodness, everything in Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute's nursery is amazing! I loved that dresser when she first shared it - especially knowing that I could pop into Canadian Tire and buy the same adorable house numbers :)

  2. Oh my....I am so inspired. My ordinal dresser has moved to our garden is now a planter! The darn thing kept falling apart. So, I am definitely looking for a way to get something similar back in the house. Such amazing ideas and I am pinning this!
    Kim @ Too Much Time

  3. I love your file cabinet! What a great way to dress up a boring piece. Thanks for including my dresser--it's still one of my favorite projects!

  4. The Cozy.Cottage.Cute one is my favourite - I love the idea of using house numbers! I just got a tiny metal cabinet from Ikea this week and now it's got my brain working in overdrive of what I can do to it ;) xxx

    PS Get to know your HTML ;) - most of the spacing will be shown like this
    and I usually leave one between paragraphs and images. If you have a look at the HTML code on your post, just remove the additional ones (don't take out the ones at the end of the paragraphs, just the 2nd or 3rd ones between paragraphs). Sometimes additional lines of code will take up 'space' as well, like if you removed a picture, you want to ensure you take the additional code out that gets left behind even after clicking 'remove' on the wysiwyg editor. Hope that helps but if not, just drop me a line :)

  5. hi hollie,

    thanks for your original post, it inspired me to turn some ikea nighstands into beautiful anthropologie-esk ordinal nightstands.



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