Monday, July 16, 2012

New life for unwanted wall art

Have you seen this butterfly print before?  I bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond several years ago.  I liked the beaded detail, the mirrored mat and the turquoise flower, but the frame and the print never felt right to me, so I never hung it anywhere.

One day a few months ago I got the bright idea to paint the frame turquoise.  I've got turquoise in every room of my home, and I thought it might make the frame work in my color scheme and style more that way.  It started out that I was just going to do a light turquoise wash, letting the detail below come through, but I wasn't liking the look, so I let the first coat dry and then continued with an opaque paint job instead.

The turquoise frame was definitely better for me, but I still wasn't feeling the print inside.  It's lovely, but just not my style.

When I ran into issues recently with the frame I ordered for my new algae watercolor by Miss Capricho, I remembered that I had the turquoise frame with the butterfly print just sitting in the basement, catching dust.  I took it apart and set the damaged algae print (a new one is on its way) over existing butterfly print.  Lo and behold, it fits!  The watercolor is just a teeny bit too large, so I'll have to cut it down a tad, which is fine because there is plenty of white space around the edges.

I think I'll like the mirrored mat, but I could always get a mat cut to fit if I wanted to change things up.

Once I receive the new (hopefully undamaged) print from across The Pond, I'll cut it down, assemble it in the frame, then get it hung.  And you know I'll share the results!



  1. The new print is right up my alley, too! You must be true to your style and never try to please others. And that GORGEOUS turquoise frame <3...

  2. Love the turquoise! I just bought a frame at Goodwill the other day to makeover. I'm excited to use it in decorating the top of my buffet.


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