Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Before blogging: Inhabit-inspired coral wall art

Today we have the second project in my "Before Blogging" series.  At the time I was looking for art to hang over my sofa.  I was totally into a coastal look, so I fell in love with the coral design on these pillows by Inhabit.  I decided to use my artistic skills and recreate the look on canvas.

I used leftover paint I had on hand (Silvery Blue by Benjamin Moore) to coat my canvas.  After that dried, I used the pillow as inspiration to draw a coral design lightly with pencil.  I was into a blue and brown coastal color scheme, so I used three colors of paint I had on hand to fill in the coral.  The brown is Branchport Brown by Benjamin Moore, which is from my master bedroom.  The white is from our house trim paint.  The smokey blue is from a small acrylic craft paint I had from an unknown project.

Here's how it turned out:

It first hung above our sofa, but the canvas wasn't quite large enough, so it got replaced when I found something else.  At one point it hung on our stairway landing (which you can see in the background below).

Today it fills up a wall in our laundry room, with a little blue-on-blue action.

If you didn't catch my first Before Blogging project, you can see my Ordinal File Cabinet here.  It's a knockoff of Anthropologie's Ordinal Dresser.  Next up in the series is drip-art on canvas, inspired by David Bromstad.


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  1. I adore the color and the art is perfect for the space!

  2. So smart to just create your own wall art. I also have a little bit of a coastal love throughout my house, and this coral print is simple enough to try out.

    Christina @

  3. reminds me of the beach and summer! great color combination...very relaxing!

  4. This looks fantastic and honestly - expensive! Nicely done!! Pinning this for sure.
    Visiting from Homemaker on a Dime. :-)


  5. I love this! Featuring you on Saturday! XO, Aimee

  6. Oh wow, this is amazing - you are so flippin artistic! I love the colours, definitely a beachy vibe and I am loving the blue on blue action ;) xxx

  7. It really is beautiful - I especially like that the color seems to fit everywhere in your house. Loved it in your stairway most of all =)

  8. Beautiful! I love your creativity with your inspiration! :)

  9. What is he name of the blue on the wall? It's beautiful!

    1. Glad you like it! It's called Silvery Blue, by Benjamin Moore. I have it in my three bathrooms, too. I like that it's a soft blue, without being a baby blue.


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