Sunday, July 8, 2012

Before blogging: Drip art canvas

Third in my "Before Blogging" series is a drip art project inspired by HGTV's David Bromstad.  Remember when it seemed like every piece of wall art he created on his show "Color Spash" was something like this?


After seeing him do it so many times, I thought surely I could figure it out.  Did I look for a tutorial?  Nah, I just winged it.  And remember this was completed before I started blogging, so I have no step-by-step photos.  You'll just have to imagine it in your head using my explanation below!

Here's the final product:

I started by setting my canvas on an easel.  Only I don't own an easel so I used The Mr.'s music stand instead.  Don't laugh -- it worked!  The canvas actually was from another old art project which didn't fit with my colors or style any more.  I used blue, white and greige paints I had on hand to blend a base color.  I just used a paintbrush and worked and worked on it until it came as desired.  Actually, I think I did too much blending the first time and it turned out brown instead of blue, so I let it dry and started over.

Then I gathered a few colors I wanted to use for the drips.  I chose a smoky blue, a brown, and red.  I also grabbed a spray bottle, a la Mr. Bromstad.  I dabbed a bit of paint at the top of the canvas and sprayed a bit of water to help the paint run down the canvas.  Here's where things veered away from what David does.  If you look at his painting at the top of this post, you can see that he does a lot of blending.  Instead, I wanted the drips to be more individual.  What I ended up doing was using a paintbrush to drag the paint drop down the canvas.  I started out doing each color one-by-one, spacing them out at various intervals, then I filled in and filled in until I had the drip spacing that I liked and the balance of colors how I liked too.

It hangs upstairs in our game room, as you can see below.

Honestly, I wasn't sure how I felt about it.  Once I found out that my lovely sister-in-law Lydia (whose decor opinion I value) had sneaked some camera phone photos of it, and was interested in recreating it herself, I realized that it must have turned out okay!

Do you sometimes have a hard time feeling confident about things that you create too?  I guess it's similar to the idea that something costing $1000 must be better than something costing $100.  Maybe it is, but maybe it's just the price that elevates it in our minds.

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  1. The perfection of our execution is secondary to having something to put up on the wall.

  2. This looks awesome! Very upscale :) I've been painting a lot of wooden signs lately but I have some canvases tucked away in my craft cupboard. I should really give painting on canvas another try.

    I'm loving all your before blogging projects!

  3. I love how this turned out. Go you!!

  4. I actually like your version a lot better than the original inspiration :) I really struggle with creating my own art (own worst critic here) but the 'artwork' in my lounge is growing on me and I've had such positive comments on it by visitors (one begging me to make one for them as well! what?!) that I suppose it was the validation I needed that it wasn't so awful and 'diy' after all ;) x

  5. I made a guest appearance! :). I'm a bit behind on my blog reading due to a little play date between a nice tall glass of water and my MacBook...

    In fact, those sneaky camera phone pictures were on my beloved MacBook so I may need to sneak some more next time I'm in town. could make a step by step tutorial with some pictures for your adoring readership and have a give away, in which I'm the winner. Whatever works.


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