Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Autumn hydrangeas in summer?

This is what my hydrangeas looked like just before we left on vacation the third week of June.

There were abundant puffs of soft pink, soft blue and white.  The week we were gone, temps rose to over 100 degrees and there was such a drought that we were on a watering ban, so our house sitters couldn't give our thirsty flowers a drink.

This is what my hydrangeas looked like two weeks later, and still today.

We've gotten quite a few soaking rains here and there, but not enough to save my lovelies. They're not supposed to turn these colors until autumn.  I hadn't even snipped any yet this season!  You snooze, you lose, I guess.  Darn drought.  Yes, I know people have much bigger problems.  But forgive me a quick little rant here.

Oh, and I bet this guy is thirsty too.  I snapped a photo through our kitchen window of this young (?) buck sniffing around our front landscaping.

Sorry we didn't have anything good for you to eat, buddy!  Our edible garden didn't do so well this season, either!



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