Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Home by Novogratz" coming back to HGTV ... soon?

We are such TV junkies in my house that our DVR has so many timers set up that I wasn't even able to set up a new one this morning without deleting another.  It's free HBO weekend, so I was trying to schedule some movies to record.  You know why HBO offers free weekends, right?  True Blood season 5 premieres this Sunday, so they're trying to hook you in!  The last free weekend was when Game of Thrones season 2 premiered.  Those tricky marketers.

I hate to take up timer space for shows that aren't getting renewed, so I was doing some checking this morning to make sure all of my favorite design shows are still active.  One of them I hadn't heard about in a long while was "Home by Novogratz" on HGTV.  I actually liked the format of their Bravo show "9 By Design" better than season 1 of "Home by Novogratz," but one can't deny the crazy inventiveness of Cortney and Robert Novogratz.  They do an amazing job of mixing high and low and utilizing funky items in an unexpected way.

I can't believe they can get a good photo of 7 kids at one time

Rockaway beach house bedroom

Most of us think that if we were able to decorate without a budget, we'd be happiest, but sometimes super high-end decorating bores me.  It's one thing to pick items out of a designer catalog or showroom and put them together in a visually pleasing way.  But it's another to be able to mix those items with low-end purchases, unusual vintage items, and found objects.

Loft makeover mixing old and new (Love the lighting and the shades of blue, but hate the art and the rug)

Their design is a love it or hate it thing.  Some traditionalists think their style is tacky.  While I can't say I love absolutely everything they do, I do agree that they are crazy talented and they usually break the rules in all the right ways.  They pick out such interesting pieces. The Novogratzes are certainly known for bold wall statements, whether it's modern art, typography, wallpaper, or photo murals.  Their lighting choices, whether modern or vintage, are always on point and always eye-catching.  And they're not afraid of color!

New Jersey family basement redo

I don't know why, but HGTV isn't sharing exactly when season 2 of "Home by Novogratz" will premiere.  It was supposed to be tonight, but it got pushed back for some reason.  I believe the first show is a makeover at the home of Ree Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman.  Many of us got a sneak peek of the new design at The Lettered Cottage last fall.  If you're a TLC fan, you probably remember that Layla did a "Pick My Presto" of the room last July.

Not your average gym design

Cortney and Robert also have a collaboration with retailer CB2 coming up soon.  The first piece will be their  "family" rug which you probably remember seeing a lot of last season on their HGTV show.  I'm into the colors, but the design is not really my thing.  The rug debuts in July, with more products coming out in October.  CB2 and the Novogratzes are also hosting a $15,000 room makeover sweepstakes through June 15.

Chain-link dome they built to corral balls in their rooftop basketball court

Apparently not people to sit down for a breather, there's also a new book, also titled "Home by Novogratz," coming out on October 9.  You can pre-order it from several retailers now.  The book gives an inside look at twenty of their projects, with tips on how the rest of us can try to mimic their design style.  I believe many of these are the projects we saw last season on HGTV, so that's a bit disappointing.

There's the rug again

I've read that season 2 of their HGTV show will be quite different.  I hope so, as I thought season 1 was a little stale.  The designs were cool, as are the couple and all their kids, but the format of the show just didn't thrill me.  Maybe I just preferred the hour-long shows on Bravo to the half-hour shows on HGTV where we didn't get to see as much of their family interaction.

Are you excited for season 2?  Are you a fan?

And please tell me I'm not the only one whose DVR timers are maxed out.  Please.



  1. I find them difficult to watch if for no other reason than the husband's hair.

  2. They haven't made it over the pond here so I'm only vaguely familiar with them but I have to say, I'm not terribly inspired by what I've seen so I'm happy to say my DVR will still have a bit of room on it.

    True Blood, on the other hand, will definitely be on my telly ;) xxx

  3. I missed the Novogratz show on Bravo. What was it called (Hulu?)No I haven't reached DVR status. I would love to look forward to seeing a new season of something worth watching. Design Star is getting a big raspberry from me thus far.I think the couple is nuts and so is their design in a good way.I miss Bravo's Top Design.
    Thanks for the update, keep me in the loop. From one design TV show junkie to another.

  4. I have been IN LOVE with the NOIVOGRATZ family since I first discovered them before their Bravo show debuted. One of my DREAMs lives was to have 7 kids and live a stylish NORMAL downtown life in New York City. I just know Courtney would be as accessible in real life as she appears to be in her show. Last summer, when we were taking our annual trip to NYC, we were driving up the West Side Highway and there it was, their home,and I could see them sitting around their big dining room table in the white leather upholstered dining chairs!!!! cannot wait for whatever they do!

  5. I enjoyed the "surfer girls/Rockaway show. Did the girls home survive the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy?


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