Sunday, May 13, 2012

New living room rug brings the room together

A couple weeks ago I told you I had a new rug on the way for the living room.  I've been searching for months and months for something to ground our black leather sofa, to link our living room with our kitchen (which has white cabinets), and to bring some pizzazz to what was feeling like a blah room.

And I think I found just the right thing!

Here's what the old rug looked like.  Just a plain beige jute rug.  The neutral rug with neutral walls just wasn't doing anything for the room.

As soon as I laid the new rug down, I felt the room instantly change.  It felt like a real "before" and "after," rather than just an update.

The wall art makes more sense now, and the bright pillows on the sofa make more sense now.  Not sure why it is exactly that the rug also helps the pillows, but it does.  Maybe just because there's more pattern in the room.  And in case you didn't notice, the pillows are different from the before shot.  I bought these from flash sale site Gilt back in October, but have never shown them on the blog before.  I'm still looking for pillows that have black, turquoise and red or coral. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find that.  The only ones I've found have a huge shot of yellow, too.  A little yellow is fine, but a lot of yellow doesn't work here.

As you can see above, the rug also links in the dark gray chairs that are on the opposite side of the room.  They feel more a part of the room now.

I'm sooo thrilled with the rug now.  Just after I pulled the trigger and placed the order, I started having doubts.  I mean, there's IKEA's Stockholm Rand Rug that I've been crushing on for months.  But IKEA keeps pushing back the in-stock date, so I got tired of waiting. If you follow my Rugs board on Pinterest, you've seen some of the other rugs I've been considering.  I've been stalking the daily flash sale sites for rugs too.  I just couldn't hit the superfecta of style, color, size and price.

The day after I placed my order, I came across this photo on the Sixth Street Design School blog.  Kirsten Krason had helped finish up a room design for a client who whose husband is stationed in Paris. Thes FLOR tiles had me at hello.

via Sixth Street Design School
I immediately popped over to the FLOR site (mind you, I already had a rug on order), as I figured they would also have a black and white colorway.  Turns out this design had been discontinued.  I wonder why?  What a great look!

So I had my fingers crossed that the rug I had purchased would be the right one.  And it was!  It's about the same width as the old rug, but a couple feet shorter.  I just barely got the front sofa feet on it, and then was able to stretch it across to the gray chairs.  Anything shorter would not have worked, but this size just makes it!

If interested in the rug for yourself, it's the Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Rug in Black/Ivory.  You can find it at several online retailers, but I got mine at Layla Grace (with a 10% off promo code I found at Retail Me Not). I purchased the 8.5 x 11 size, but it comes in several sizes and colorways.

What do you think?  Is the room coming along?



  1. It looks great! It really does make a big difference. And I think the rug is neutral enough that the pillows look just fine with it.

  2. Hollie, this rug ROCKS! Jane

  3. Definitely makes a MASSIVE difference in the room! It's amazing what black & white + pattern does - brilliant choice, I think you nailed it! xxx

  4. But does your cat like it. Does he she press little pawpads against it ever so timidly and then dig in with the happiness that only a cat can give a rug? Yes to the pops of color with the pillows. Now that you have pattern, I fear you're in jeopardy of a spin art thing. So solid hunks of color would ground and could you possibly pull the grey chairs into the conversation area and walk behind them instead of in front. The seating area near the window feels far away. And now you have gotten my(a complete Stranger's) full two cents worth. And when I post the pictures of my house styling(it's coming with the new blog format)please say what needs to be said. Enjoyed being here. Will be back.


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