Thursday, May 24, 2012

Master bedroom feature at Remodelaholic

A big thanks to Cassity and Justin from Remodelaholic for featuring my ceiling medallion wall art and my entire master bedroom makeover today!

If you're visiting my blog for the first time from Remodelaholic, I'm glad you're here, and I hope you stay and look around for a while! The tabs across the top of the page will help you learn more about me and what you'll find here at I'm Busy Procrastinating.

If you were a reader of mine already, why not pop over to Remodelaholic and check out the feature post as well as their other features and projects?


On a tooootally unrelated note, I receive email notifications from Target about their "Daily Deals."  You never know what they'll feature, but baby products seem to come up a lot.  My son is 15, so I haven't thought about diapers in a long time, but I got a kick out of these, which are Target's featured deal of the day.

Yes, jeans diapers.  Since they're disposable, I assume they're plastic with a denim pattern.  I guess these allow babies to look stylish without having clothing on their bottom halves?  Does anyone else think this is a little nutty?  Or do you think it's high time disposable diapers became more fashionable?  Personally I'd rather see babies with clothes on when they're away from home, and when they're at home, I'm not sure it's important whether their diapers are denim-pattern or white.

But I digress.



  1. Where did you get your ceiling medallions? they are beautiful

    1. Thanks! You can find tons of online retailers that sell them. I found the best price/style/size combinations for me at and

  2. I chuckled about your coupon; my youngest is 10 and I still get baby care coupons. Also, the fact that I have 3 boys doesn't stop the American Girl Doll company from sending me their catalog every Christmas. :)

    I popped over here due to the Remodelholic post, but found I spent a lot of time here playing. I LOVE the 'crushing on' links.

    Thanks for taking the time to blog and share great ideas with us. If I had an acct below, I wouldn't be anon, but since I don't, just consider me a fan.

    1. You should be able to choose the Name/URL option and just put in your name if you aren't a blogger yourself, if you don't want to always be Anonymous! Anyway, glad you stopped by here and found some things you like. Come back again!

  3. Hi, found your site on remodelaholic. Love the room, little pops of red, windows are FANTASTIC but I know what you mean about wanting something to "finish" them. I am a new follower!

  4. Well done on the feature! The room looks fab and should be appreciated/enjoyed by a far greater audience ;)

    Not sure about denim diapers, I quite like seeing the little saggy baby bottoms in white but then perhaps I'm a traditionalist!! lol


  5. hey just saw your blog on remodelholic. love the upholstered bed in your master. where did you find it.

    1. Here's my post about the bed, where you can find all the details. I love it, and found it for a great price.

  6. Okay. Now I'm very excited. First of all, I saw your red table a long while ago and am sooo glad I found the creator! Secondly, I really love your style. Bold color, graphic elements, large scale elements (numbers on your kitchen wall). These are things that feed my ideas. So glad we connected. I'll follow you!


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