Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Design Star season 7 pre-show faves

Anyone else excited for the new season of Design Star to premiere Tuesday, May 29?  I checked out the portfolios of all the designers on  Here are my two favorites, just from a quick check of the work they submitted to HGTV.

Britany Simon
HGTV describes her as a "resourceful girly-girl [who] is passionate about creating modern, glam spaces without spending a fortune."

She looks like a young, blonde Giada De Laurentiis

Tailored, with understated spunk

Youthful and now (maybe not long-lasting, but certainly fun)

I thought maybe she was a blogger herself, so I looked her up.  She does have a blog, but she just started it.  You can find it here.

Danielle Colding
Her HGTV profile reads that she "draws inspiration from world travels and her passion for art and fashion to create polished, eclectic spaces."  She used to be a professional modern dancer, holds an anthropology degree from Stanford, and now works as an interior designer.  Her portfolio really impressed me.

Looks like a classy lady

Moody and masculine

The art makes this room

Anthropology influences coming in here

Eclectic, inviting office

Moody modern glam

Clean, fresh kitchen

Put me in this space.  Now.
One never knows how normal people can handle the insane situations they're put in on the show.  I feel bad for someone who seems to be a good designer, but just doesn't catch a break on the show.  You may remember that my favorite Design Star winner, Emily Henderson, totally bombed out on her white room challenge.  Thankfully she made it through that week and went on to win, as her show Secrets From a Stylist is one of my HGTV faves.  I like reading the behind-the-scenes insights she shares on her blog too.

Who are you rooting for this season?



  1. I don't always watch the show, but I'm liking what I see so far. I might have to tune in this time!

  2. I got heart palpitations when you told me the new season starts Sunday. It's the only show I've ever bought from Itunes because I missed an episode. I'm hip to your picks. Think I'll save the peeking until after the show though.

  3. Britany Simon FOR SURE! I really like her designs...she's also my second cousin, so I may be a bit prejudiced...despite that, I do like her flair. I also liked Stanley :-)


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