Saturday, May 19, 2012

Crushing on: Hanging furniture

Who doesn't fantasize about hanging furniture?  It may not match everyone's style, but it's inspiring nonetheless.

I'm not sure if I'd quite consider a hammock to be furniture, but it's certainly a place I'd like to "hang" out.


I came across this company called The Floating Bed recently.

Source:  The Floating Bed

It would certainly be hard to find bedding that works, but how cozy does that look?

More iconic is the Bubble Chair, designed by Eero Aarnio in the 60s, which still looks fresh today.

Source:  Lonny Mag
Hanging chairs are often made of rattan, which could look '70s Bohemian, but this one fits in with a minimalistic modern room.

Home of artist Ylva Skarp, as featured in Elle Decor

Any kid would enjoy the bunk room with hanging beds in this summer cottage.

Source:  Unknown
But what about this classy, traditional room?  It's appropriate even for adults.

Source:  Coastal Living
Swings are always fun.  Even indoors.  Especially indoors!

Source:  Remodelista

I don't think hanging furniture would work in my home, but it's definitely crush-worthy.  What do you think?



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