Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vintage gas station numbers as wall art

Today was one of those Saturdays that make me happy.  I didn't have to leave the house, and I ate delicious food.  For breakfast, we made some cinnamon puffs, and for dinner we had homemade tinga (pork tostadas).  For dessert, The Teen made funnel cakes.  Yep, funnel cakes.  Tasty!  Someday I'll share the first two recipes.  For the funnel cakes, you just have to go buy the mix at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Yep, BBB.  Who knew?

The other thing I did today was take photos of a fun project I did a while back that I hadn't yet shared here.  The Mr. is fond of numbers and fond of vintage or antique things that have a history.  I put those two likes together for some wall art that suits his fancy.

In a past life, these vintage numbers hung outside a gas station to indicate the price of gas.  Fun!


As you can see, they're hanging in our front entry, which separates the  living room from the kitchen.  I probably bought the numbers a year ago (from Etsy), but it took me forever to decide where to put them.  As I've shared before, when I don't know exactly what to do with something, I hold off until I do.  I don't like putting holes in the wall until I'm sure.

The numbers are significant to us, but I'll leave the details a mystery.  (No, it's not The Mr.'s age on top and my age on bottom.  Or vice versa.)

Anybody else out there have some vintage gas station numbers in her or his house?  I'm curious!


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  1. Nice blog. I enjoy your talent. This is my first visit. I'm trying to find how you put the napkins in the bowls like that. They look so pretty. Susan

    1. You like the napkins in my blog header, huh? I just folded the napkins down into a long rectangle (I folded them down, but not across). Then I made a spiral out of them like a rosette. They loosened up a bit once I put them in the bowl, but it kept them in the rosette shape.

  2. Very cool. I love your wooden front door.

  3. What color is the paint on the walls? I just stumbled onto your blog and love it so far!

    1. The wall color is Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore. It's a wonderful neutral that works with either cool or warm colors.

  4. Hi Holly. Wow, what a coincidence. A few month back I found old gas station signage that someone illegally dumped in a nearby wooded area. I of course took it home for repurposing as art. I found two numbers (same size as yours). Well, actually (4) as there are numbers on both sides - LOL. However, mine are a bit wonky and bent-up and the numbers are bright blue. I prefer the black. I did find an "Unleaded Supreme" sign that is super cool which I promptly hung in my motorcycle themed office space. :-)

    Your numbers look super cool in the entry!!!


  5. Hi -
    I love your numbers, they look great. How did you hang them? I have some with no holes, how can I hang them?

    1. Glad you like them! Mine have small holes, so I used nails to hang my numbers. Since you have no holes, what about using 3M Command strips?


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