Thursday, April 26, 2012

New rug on the way for the living room

You know those rooms that you tinker with and tinker with, trying to get the decor just right, but it just doesn't seem to be going where you want it to?  For me, it's the living room.

I've bought new side chairs, new pillows (here, here, and others I didn't even share with you), and new art.  I switched out the glass-front cabinet for a mid-century modern chest and we re-hung our TV to create more breathing room between the TV and the mantel (combined post here).  And I've switched around accessories over and over again.  But the room doesn't feel complete.

One of my issues is that the sofa is so visually heavy in the room -- out of balance.  I would have preferred a linen upholstery sofa, but because of our pukey cats, we went with leather.  At the time, an interior designer I consulted recommended black, and I didn't realize there were options other than black and brown.  If I had it to do over again and wanted to stick with leather, I might have chosen something more like this.  As it is, we put quite an investment into this sofa, so I'm stuck with it for a while.

I've been crushing on the IKEA Stockholm Rand Rug for some time, but it's been out of stock forever.  They had estimated it would be back in stock in April, but now they're telling me late June at the earliest.  I was frustrated with the wait, but I was willing to hold off because it seemed like the perfect style, size and price.  But then I wondered about the cleanability.  What reminded me of this?  Oh, the two puke spots one of my dear kitties left on our current rug yesterday.  Good times.

Our current rug is indoor-outdoor, so it's easy to clean.  Of course it helps that it's a dark beige -- pretty much the same color as the cat puke.  (Am I grossing you out yet?)  Then I started wondering not only would the IKEA rug be easy to clean, but if not, would it camouflage stains well?  I got worried that the white portions might show dirt or stains easily.  So I started looking again at rugs that have more of a pattern.

And although I've found so many awesome rugs in lots of fun colors, I want to stick with black and white.  Why, you ask?  Well, I think it will help ground the black sectional in the living room, and tie it in with the all-white kitchen, which is open to the living room.

The other tricky thing is finding the right style and cleanability at the right size/price combo.  I need something at least 8' x 11', and that can get pricey!  Here's what I settled on:

It's the Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Rug in Black/Ivory.   It comes in several colors (including turquoise, which was tempting!), and can be purchased at quite a few online retailers.  Every retailer seemed to charge the exact same price, so I went to my handy-dandy friend RetailMeNot and found a 10% off coupon code for Layla Grace, where they also have free shipping.  Sweet!

Of course, I had to run this purchase by The Mr.  But since I've been working -- longer than expected -- I figured this was a good opportunity to buy a "want" rather than a "need."  He's never excited to spend money on something when what we have seems perfectly fine, so I got his standard quiet response which means, "I think this is totally unnecessary but I know you won't shut up about it until you do it, so since you're earning money these days, I'll give in."  I like that answer!

I'll be sure to show you how the new rug looks in the space once it arrives in the next week or two!



  1. Yay for being able to spend your own cash! lol I like your choice a lot! Actually, I've been looking at the Rand rug for quite some time too but really, I'm tempted to just give in and get a white cowhide as it's what I've wanted FOREVER. Justifying the £300+ pricetag hasn't been easy though!


    PS I know the silent agreement one as well - just bought a coffee table and W is non too pleased with it (he thinks it looks 'old fashioned') but I got, "It's your money" as his grumbled consent! Good enough for me!! lol xxx

  2. I know what you mean about the cats puke, mine always seem to do it on top of the rugs or bed linen and never on the tiles that could easily be wiped clean! I have an Ikea sisal rug in the lounge and it´s full of stains...

  3. Pukey cats and black leather couches are a perfect pair. If only they didn't use them as scratching posts as well. The rug you've chosen looks like it will be a perfect fit. Good luck.

  4. Ha. The joys of having a cat with a sensitive stomach! When I went to order carpet years ago, I took along a handful of sensitive stomach cat food and told the carpet guy I needed carpet that was "this color" ~ I am pretty sure they labeled me the crazy cat lady! But it was great - so much easier to put up with pukey the cat!


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